Lee Who?

11 09 2011

Despite Tropical Storm Lee last weekend, Alabama/Florida seemed to have bounce back to normal this week. It’s looking in fine shape, as you can see for yourself. Although the yuck storm has passed over, Lee seems to have left some chilly weather in his wake. It has been mid-low sixties these past few mornings, which is quite the chill for Floridians (as well as those who have come to love and cherish the warm-ness).

There was even a wedding on the beach this weekend! I was lucky enough to witness said wedding from my balcony. Gorgeous dress, might I add, it had a long train and was a little shorter in the front.

This summer has been wedding-palooza it seems like. One of my friends has been to 6 weddings!

Anyhow, it looked to be a a lovely beach wedding. And thank GOD they planned it for this weekend, vice last. They would have been washed up in the storm. I’m sure they had a back-up plan, but it’s crazy how much the weather can change in just a week.

Hope everyone had a pimp-smackin weekend! Back to work tomorrow. 2 more weeks of class and I’ll be homeward bound! Look out Missurah!




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