Hola Septiembre

5 09 2011

Well, it’s officially September.

The month I graduate.

The month I depart Florida.

The month I get to go home to see the friends and fam.

The month I drive from FL to CA.

The month I pray I don’t die on said cross-country trek make it safely across America.

The month I discovered the dangerously wonderful shoedazzle.com.

The month I found a new scrapbooking store: Scraphappy of Pensacola

Although my time seems to be crawling here in Florida while at school, a lot of stuff has happened. The aforementioned “Hell on Heels” album came out…..But let’s not dwell on the past. There are a couple albums which I have been blown away by.

1. Eric Church’s “Chief” (title track, Homeboy)

2. Far East Movement’s “Free Wired” (think, liiiiike a G6)

In other news, I went home last weekend -last minute trip- to a friend’s wedding. It was very refreshing to see everyone and share the day with them. There was dancing, decorations, yummy food, and some great cake! As always great cake. Oh, and I even learned how to 2-step! It helps having a good partner who knows what they’re doing, southern accent to boot!

Upon my return to Alabama/Florida, I was greeted by the ugly face of Lee. The Tropical Storm Lee. Let me tell you, this kid is hideous. The rain, the wind, the waves. The waves on Orange Beach are crazy. As in, more crazy than Pipeline on Oahu crazy. Aka where the pros go for tournaments. For a generally mild-waved area, this shit’s bananas. The flag today was red. Which is what I assumed would be the harshest of weather, but no, there is a double red flag status which means you get arrested if you are found on the beach. Who would be out in weather even worse than this I do not know. But I did see some surfers out the last few days trying to catch some waves, and kill themselves in the process. Now, is it really worth it? I’d hate to go out for something silly like that…

Lee gettin' some

Other August News:

-Making guacamole for the first time. For a “wingin-it” recipe, it turned out quite nicely. The key is having fresh avocados. And good tomatoes.

-I have discovered the alleged all-fruit smoothies at Mc D’s are pretty damn delicious. (Now, on the topic of whether or not it’s entirely fruit in there, the jury is still out)

-A Mac desktop has been added to my “Christmas in October” wishlist. I am in near-desperate need for a new comp. The current, a Macbook from 2008 has served me well, but after four years I think it’s time for an upgrade. I am now 3 operating systems behind, and my stuff doesn’t seem to be working as well as it used to.

-My girls from home came to visit and we had a wonderful time. It was so nice to see my WIgals, and it was like we hadn’t missed a day, catching up on old times, shopping, and beaching. We went to a few different beaches, bars, and malls. Also we got matching tattoos. I know what you’re thinking, *cringe* “Matching tattoos?” Totally 90s, right? But we wanted to get something to represent our friendship, so we all got some form of a bird or a feather, to go with the saying “Birds of a feather flock together.” I got a feather that looks similar to the one over there —>




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