Hell on Heels

4 09 2011

So, I recently purchased the Pistol Annies album called Hell on Heels.

As much as I would like to lie and say that it has saved my life, I cannot.

I regret to inform you that it is…..a bit of a disappointment. It’s getting so many raves and accolades and I really can’t see why. I have given it a good go, too. I’ve listened it in entirety about five or six times, trying to convince myself that it is revolutionary. Miranda Lambert’s body of work is raw and true, and I felt that her personality and songwriting would shine through in this piece of work as well… but I am sadly mistaken.

Let’s back up here.

So, a while ago Miranda Lambert decided to start an all-girl country band. A task such as this  hasn’t really been accomplished/successful in the past.  The Dixie Chicks had a pretty good run, but if you held me at gunpoint I wouldn’t be able to list three outstanding can’t live without country girl groups.

I was hoping the Pistol Annies’ stab at it would be different and would re-create country badassness. Miranda Lambert got together with Ashley Monroe (the girl who came out with the single “Satisfied” a few years back, but her album was never released.) and a girl named Angaleena Presley (not sure what she’s from). I’ve watched several interviews, performances, and read a few articles about how they got together and who they are. The gist is that they have been friends for quite some time, and they decided to start a band together. they write their own songs and consider themselves to be brilliant.

So, upon the release date I drove across town to Best Buy to get the album. No album to be found. Then I tried Wal-Mart. No album there either. As it turns out, they are not selling a hard copy anywhere but their own site: http://www.pistolannies.com/. You can buy it either online, or through itunes. Which I found incredibly annoying. Members of the music community have been preaching for years that album sales were down, web-piracy, blah blah. I am actually one of those dopes who buys hard copy albums still. Especially if it is someone I love. Such as Miranda Lambert, and what I expected to be her out-of-this-world girl-band.

The songs are not at all what their first single, Hell on Heels sounds like. That has happened a few times, where a group’s album sounds nothing like the single. Take Lady Antebellum and “Need You Now”, or Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” single from her 21 album. I think those songs were a tad misleading. They were definitely awesome songs, but upon purchase and preview of the entire album, they sound nothing like the initial song releases.

SO, when I got the Hell on Heels album, I assumed Pistol Annies would follow their first single up with more badass songs similar to “Hell on Heels”. And upon listening to the whole album, I came out on the other end feeling sad, depressed, and in a generally terrible mood. Call me crazy, but I was hoping for some party songs, some fast uplifting shit….but all there was was depressing I hate my life songs.

So perhaps I will tuck those songs in a vault and revisit the album later. But, in the meantime, I will be looking forward to Miranda Lambert’s 4th album, releasing in November, “Four the Record”. I’m still a Miranda fan =)




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