Scrapbookers Anonymous

3 09 2011

Someone told me yesterday, “I think you need to go to SBA.”

Well, this may be a true fact.

However, there are much worse hobbies. And much more expensive hobbies. Though, I do admit scrapping is not cheap, but if you fly by the deals and find sales when you can, it is do-able. Some things are worth paying full price for.

SO, in my future home of San Diego, I have been wondering if there is a Hobby Lobby. I finally looked it up online, and there is indeed a HobLob opening in Temecula, CA. I was surprised actually that there are only six stores Cali-wide for us scrapbooking and hobby enthusiasts. Sad news, however the one in Temecula will be opening the end of October, which I think is quite the coincidence since that’s when I will just be settling into the west, planting my roots etc.  I will be in need of decorations galore. I haven’t had an apartment to myself in… over four years. So. Furnishings are on the list.

The sales at the Lobby weren’t the greatest this week. On Thursday I frequented the usuals, in search of some wedding stickers and paper. I found plenty of options, don’t get me wrong, but nothing was on sale really. Usually HobLob has some killer deals. Finding nothing, I pressed on to Joanne’s and found…..nothing on sale again. Well, they had  40% off of albums and 3D stickers, but not what I was in the market for. Then, at Michael’s nothing at all was on sale. It was like twilight zone. Usually there are great deals at at least one of these places. Maybe with the economy they called in for a hault on all great scrapbook sales. Who knows.

So, this forced me to search for a new store. I googled “scrapbook stores Pensacola” and found a place called Scraphappy. Though it was across town I decided the gas was worth the potential new gold mine. So, I arrived and as is typical with independent stores the prices were quite a bit higher than a commercial Hobby Lobby type place. But then, I found a separate room in the back that had all clearance items.  I don’t like to consider myself especially cheap, but when I find 12 x 12 paper that is 10 cents, vice 79 cents, I call that a steal. I picked through the items, there were a lot and it was very disorganized but I had all afternoon anyway so it wasn’t any hair off my back.

I ended up finding a ton of paper, and also the wedding paper I was looking for. That’s called two birds with one stone I think.

If you are in the area, here’s the Scraphappy site, they also do crop classes and such:




One response

6 09 2011

I had no idea that you were a scrapbooker too!
And 10 cent paper??!? I would have spent my afternoon digging through it too!

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