the shores of Alabama

22 08 2011

Not only does Alabama have outlet stores, the circus, and Waffle House; there are also beautiful shores!

This weekend I ventured out to the beach. Well, through the front lobby and down some stairs to the beach, anyway. The sand here is perfectly white and very fine. It’s like powder attached to ocean. Someone told me they brought tons of sand in after the oil spill.

Other than the washed up algae and the bed of ocean life underfoot, it is comparable to Hawaii.

Except for one small fact…. jellyfish. Oh, HI has jellies, but nowhere near the population here in the G.O.M. Gulf of Mexico.

As in, jellyfish in the water, jellyfish washed ashore, jellyfish in the pool! (That last part may have been fabricated…)

We saw several in the water here and at least 3 dead on shore. They look like a pile of clear jelly, you can’t really see their tentacles when they are all dead and not moving though. I had to poke one with a stick just to see if there would be any afterlife tentacle reaction. There was none, thankfully. I was a little disappointed, but happy I didn’t need anyone to pee on me. Not at all like that centipede we cut into 6 pieces in Hawaii. Talk about hardy.

Now, I like to think I’m not a complainer..but truth be told…I could very well be a self aware complainaholic. But when I go to the beach I am not exactly in the mindset to do battle with various sea creatures. Plus, I don’t carry weapons or anti-jellyfish poison on me…beach or otherwise. I’m more of a let’s-go-to-the-beach-and-relax kinda gal. Call me crazy.

Due to the overabundance of dead and alive jellyfish, we decided to migrate up to the hotel pool to better suit our floating lazily and sunbathing swimming needs.

So, we ended up by the pool… which we found what must have been the “class of 2007” reunion splashing around and drinking in the pool…with a volleyball…sans vollyball net…plus small children. I’m not a parent, nor do I possess maternal instincts, but I do know that if I had midgets of my own in there trying to enjoy a nice Saturday afternoon in the pool, I would be a tad piossed. Luckily, the parentals nearby were men and didn’t make any kind of scene, they merely pulled their little ones closer into the shallower section and minded their own water business. Hmm, the locals are polite here in Bama, I like.

I don’t know, call me old-fashioned, but if you are going to be drunk at noon and play volleyball in a 3 ft pool with a nonexistent net, at least wait till dark when there are no kids??




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