WTF Weds: Ed 023 Hosed.

17 08 2011

So, guess who got their phone bill in the mail today.


Guess who got a 126 page phone bill today.

Me again.

Guess who had a minor panic attack followed by heart palpitations….

This guy.

Check this bogus shit out:

Yep, this really happened. In real life. Not kidding this time.

This is an actual document mailed to me by my dear friends at T-Mobile. How nice of them to send me a 126-page detailed list of every single incoming and outgoing text and phone call for the last month. Which, is a lot of fucking texts, btw. During my panic attack I realized I may have a slight texting obsession. All in good fun, until I saw my bill.

Okay, so I needed to get to the bottom of this shit. I headed over to T-Mobile immediately. Like that minute, with my 126 page stink bomb in hand.

I walked in there, in uniform, official like, and had the “Oh yeah, I’m pissed!” strut down pat. I got to the counter and threw the stack of paper at the attendant (Okay, maybe not that dramatically…but it’s good for the story) and he kind of looked at me wide-eyed while my novelette of a bill papers settled on the table. To which he said, “How may I help you?”.

I got myself in order and told him the happenings of said 126-page bill and the nearly a grand’s worth of charges on my account, when I was positive my plan alloted for unlimited calling, texting, and data usage, as it had been for the last seven years. And I’m sure he knew I was on the verge of a heart attack because of the rate at which I was speaking and the sweat on my brow. Thankfully that day I got a very even-keeled sales representative who calmly stated he would look at my account and see what was going on.

He peered into the magical grey box of goodness into my T-Mobile history and started reading off a “Disclaimer” the company had put on my account as a “side note”. It read something like this: “We apologize for the mistake in billing on your account. Adjustments have been made.”  That’s it? The sales guy just looked back at me in mutual confusement when I offered him a bewildered glare. Sooo the computer made a mistake and packaged together this encyclopedia-thick bill, placed it in a neat envelope and mailed it to my home?

I’m thinking to myself…why was nothing sent in the mail after-the-fact, when the problem was recognized, in regards to this oversight?? Why did no one call me?? Ugh, If I wasn’t too cheap to pay the get-out-of-my-contract fee, I would just say forget you, T-Mobile! But their rates are the best out there for what I want. And although I HATE my phone (Anyone considering the Sidekick 4G, please do not put yourself through the pain and agony of owning this device. It’s a daily struggle.)

So, long story short my bills have been settled, and no one owes anyone $1000.

Crisis averted.




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