The Hamptons

14 08 2011

This week I will move to the Hamptons.

Okay, not the actual Hamptons, though I have always felt the urge to visit, just once. Ever since I saw White Chicks, I’ve wanted to visit. That is in the far distant future. And first I need to acquire an offensively large floppy beach hat and some very expensive nonsense jewelry that is too big for my neck and fingers.

I will be relocating to the Hampton Inn & Suites on a beach near you! Okay, well a beach near Pensacola.

I am overjoyed to finally be nearing the end of my studies here in Florida, so I figure for my last month-ish I will live a little closer to the ocean. Like, pretty much in the ocean.

There is a fitness center with ocean views, a tiki bar, and a pool for those sand-haters.

I think the place will be quite relaxing. I guess they have just recently opened, so it is a brand new facility. The only problem now is moving. I have so much stuff. I seriously have no idea how I got here in only two suitcases. Maybe it’s just stuff I’ve got to eat? I’m not sure. But I will pack well and stuff everything into my car one more time.

I’m really wondering how it will be taking my car across country this fall. I have to drive from FL to CA to my duty station. On the way will be MO to see the fam and CO to see my friend, then pressing onto CA. Luckily I have a bit of music to keep me company and I’m sure I will be able to get some sour straws, diet dr. p, and my pillow pet to get me through the trip. Road trips are fun!




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