WTF Weds: Ed 021 …more movie debauchery

27 07 2011

Go to this instant and watch the previews for a movie entitled “Rubber”.

I was fortunate enough to see this with my own two eyes at the movie theater during one of their many many previews. I mean, there are enough advertisements and previews these days that I can literally finish my popcorn and icee before the movie even kicks off. Maybe I’m just a piglet…

Okay, so this movie Rubber…the storyline is about a tire who has gone rogue (from a car??) and is out to kill. Kill people. I know what you are thinking…’How does a tire kill humans?’

Good question. Well this tire rolls down the road in a very dramatic type of way and eventually runs across some people and starts shaking until the people die.

Super super intense storyline.

This is going to have to be a “I need to be drunk or nearly unconscious” type of movie experience.




2 responses

27 07 2011
Megan Rascoe

This is why people don’t take America seriously. 🙂

27 07 2011


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