Fringe Affairs

26 07 2011

Today was obnoxiously long for some reason. Perhaps because there is no looming test in the near future the day seemed to drag on and on. Plus it’s uncomfortably humid down here in the F-L. At any rate, I’ll take this weather over Bahrain any day.

The parents have been building a new room where the back deck used to be, and it’s turning out quite nicely. What started out as a “4-season” porch, turned out to be a full blown extra room with ducting (heat/ac) and real walls. It looks awesome and went up very quickly. I haven’t been home to the house in a couple years but this is officially my new favorite room!

Does anyone watch the TV show Fringe? It’s a pretty awesome show, and it has Pacey from Dawson’s Creek as one of the main characters, otherwise known as Joshua Jackson. It’s a show about the supernatural, a modern-day X-Files but not quite as farfetched. Good show if you are looking for a new one to dig into. Pacey’s dad is this crazy old coot scientist type, and the main character is a woman who works for a special branch of the FBI set out to investigate some very strange happenings. Her and Pacey, and crazy scientist buddy up to find out what’s at the bottom of it all. And they have a lab assistant named Astrid who plays a small role, but she’s a pretty decent actress.

Also been watching a lot of Covert Affairs. It has the chick from Coyote Ugly, Piper Perabo. She’s the main character and works for the CIA as an operative/field agent. And of course, again, it’s a little out there, but has a good storyline and is now in the 2nd season so apparently it has taken off. She lives with her sister, and goes on these crazy missions all over the world. Her sidekick is kind of a nerdy-handsome ex-Army blind guy. (Don’t worry, the CIA gave him tons of cool gadgets for his office including a computer for the blind.) One of the bosses at the CIA is Sandy from another tv show, The O.C. I forget his real-life name. But he’s one of those older-hotties.

In unrelated news. If you haven’t downloaded the Awolnation album yet. Do it now.




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