Up in the NAS(ty)

24 07 2011

Had a wonderful weekend and got much accomplished. Shopping at the ol Cordova Mall. Luckily we made a quick pass.

Got some pedis. P.S. Tip n Toe in the mall has the most luxurious massage chairs. And it was probably the best pedi I have ever had. They have some serious massaging skills up in that joint. Leg massage? Yes, please!

Went to see Friends With Benefits, with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. HILARIOUS. You must see this. Also saw HP7. Sad but very nicely done to end off the series. The theater wasn’t as packed as I thought it would be and there were surprisingly very few children.

Got some laundry done. For some reason I end up having at least three loads by the weekend. How? I have no idea seeing as I wear a uniform to school every day and then change into pjs… But, luckily the laundry machines are only a few doors down.

Went to Red Robin for the FIRST time in my life. It was ay-may-zing. Holy shit. Seriously you have to go there ASAP if you have one in the area. Unlimited steak fries!! And free refills on root beer floats. What?? You heard me FREE refills on the root beer floats. As in an entirely new frosty mug with a float in it as a refill. Crazy stuff

And last but not least. The beach!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just what I needed. A nice peaceful weekend.




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26 07 2011

whoa. HOW did you get the slideshow on here?? Impressivo.

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