8 07 2011

One of my friends was doing some family research and found out that his ancestors were from Bern, Switzerland. A place I’ve actually been to, randomly enough. In High School I had the opportunity to go to Europe on a week visit and see some sites. It wasn’t Bern that time, but we did go to Lucerne and trek up Mt. Pilatus on little gondolas, which I thought was out of this world, being a 15 yr old and new to the world basically.

However, to this day it’s probably one of the more memorable moments in my life, seeing the Swiss Alps. It’s hard to explain the feeling up there, but it was a feeling of complete solace and peace. Like when you are up that high nothing can harm you or go wrong.

I keep meaning to dig in to the whole geneaology thing, a few of my friends have been dabbling. I know my Gma got pretty into it and I recall doing some grave rubbings when I was a kid. It’s pretty interesting and informative to research where you come from…perhaps one of these times when I’m home I’ll start asking more questions…and write things down.




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