4th in CO

5 07 2011

Had a wonderful time in Denver over the weekend!

I went to visit Map, one of my bff’s that I’ve known for nearly my entire life. We got very close back about 7 yrs ago, bonding over some things we were both going through and ever since then we have been one in the same. She’s who I turn to for advice, and she’s always been there, especially for the hard times.

She’s the person you could tell anything to, and who would make no judgements. Plus she’s extremely honest and down to earth. In the last two years she has gotten married, had a baby (the cutest little thing ever), added a little pomeranian, Molly Spike, to the family, her and her huz have purchased new cars, and a home. Whew. Talk about a whirlwind!

And, I have been in Bahrain and the Navy for the last two years. Sometimes I think my life could stand to be a tad more exciting…. Nonetheless, we had much to catch up on. I feel like we talked for days. Had to pack it into a three-day stint, unfortunately. Hopefully the next visit will be longer!

Next time, it’s her turn. She has promised to trek out to San Diego and visit sometime. I can’t wait to show her around! After I get acquainted with the lands, of course.

Here’s a couple pics from the trip:

my one. my only. Chipotle

tiramisu from Gaetano's Italian Restaurant

cutest baby room ever

Cutest baby room ever

Driving up to Estes Park

The Stanley Hotel from "The Shining"

a neighborly prairie dog barking hello

I have always loved Denver, and thankfully my friend moved there after college and settled down, so I’ve had the opportunity to visit! Great sights and even better company. Until next time, stay classy D-town!

Speaking of friends….if you live in Denver or surrounding areas, check out this site. Map’s sister Meredith bakes equal parts gorgeous / delicious cakes!



There’s a Nintendo cake on her site too. Like, the ORIGINAL Nintendo. As in circa 1984.

Happy belated 4th of July!




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6 07 2011

That cake looks very yummy! I want one!

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