WTF Weds: Ed 017 2008…pretty much in the past

29 06 2011

During the time that I’ve been back in America I’ve noticed a few things. One of them being American pride. Which, is awesome if it is tasteful.

But in the recent weeks I have noticed that there are an alarming amount of bumper stickers that read “MCCAIN/PALIN”. Now, if I’m remembering correctly, the presidential election was in 2008. Which was three years ago. So this says to be that there are an overwhelming number of right-winged folks here that are not happy with the present ruling member.

Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, yes, this is the U S of A, the American Dream, free country, so on and so on. BUT, if the party you voted for did NOT get elected, maybe it’s time to move on and look forward to the new election. Take your bumper sticker off that broadcasts “I hate Obama”, suck up the loss, and pick a new candidate to follow for 2012. This means, live with the present laws, decisions, and beliefs of the selected individual, who was voted for by the majority, the guy who had the balls to stand up and make decisions for our country regardless of disagreements and criticism that some citizens are more than happy to offer up at any moment. It can’t be an easy job, and he is making decisions on the behalf of millions of people. Not everyone is going to be pleased with what hashes out.




One response

29 06 2011

Thank you! Not to mention the fact that in our current form of government the Prez really doesn’t have “that much” power…and shit takes entirely too long to actually change anyway. Ohhh people…

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