War Paint

28 06 2011

So, I would never actually call myself a girly girl, or  search deep within in hopes of finding the end-all be-all makeup tip buuuut I have stumbled upon a few great products and feel the need to share.

1. Anything Bare Escentuals. Their stuff is made from pure minerals, and it’s a loose powder, so you pour it into the lid and then use a brush to get it from there to your face. If you have any allergies whatsoever, or your skin is sensitive, this stuff is the answer. My faves are the foundation, the matte (which makes your skin not-so-shiny on those hot humid days), and the mineral veil. The MV goes all over your face once you’ve got the other layers on. And it is so light and smooth it makes your skin feel super soft, and it keeps everything in place. If you are one of those people who thinks makeup is too difficult, it takes too long, and you don’t want to bother with it….but have always in the back of your head wanted to dabble…this is perfect for you. I had never worn foundation, under eye stuff, anything but eyeliner and mascara, and I got started on this line and I really love it. They have a “starter kit”, which is a bit pricy..but definitely worth the investment, and the tubs of foundation last forever. The kit comes with an instructional DVD that shows you the how-to’s. I have watched my own copy several times, it’s pretty informative, and the lady is very easy to listen to.



2. Maybelline Unstoppable black eyeliner. This is a MUST for every woman. This stuff is suuuuper easy to apply, and very easy to get off, if you mess up that line along your eyelid. I use it on both the top and bottom eyelid. This stuff will roll onto your eyes quickly and easily. And it is able to be applied over eyeshadow, which isn’t always easy. I tried several other brands/types and finally stumbled upon this one, and I’ll never use any other.



3. DiorShow Blackout.

My Mom actually turned me on to this stuff. She got it for me for Xmas one year, and I’ve been hooked ever since. The Blackout is the new line out, I believe. But any kind of Dior mascara is probably just as amazing as this one. This stuff gives your eyelashes some SERIOUS pump. I mean, wowza. I have blonde eyelashes, so it takes a good five coats of regular-old-mascara to take any effect. This stuff took two coats, and it’s good to go. I could probably even get away with one coat, to be honest. But this mascara will double the length of your eyelashes. I’m sure it doesn’t literally make them longer, but it gives the movie-star fake eyelashes affect, without the kooky looking halloween hooker eyelash look.




3 responses

28 06 2011

I want the makeup that comes with someone to put it on me 🙂

28 06 2011

there is a counter for that at the mall =)

29 06 2011

They don’t come home with you though 😦

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