Back to(e) black

23 06 2011

Sooooo I just dropped my black/deep purple OPI (luckily it was on sale when I bought it, who buys $12 polish!??) fingernail polish in the bathroom sink…of course the top of it shattered apart from the bottle and polish went flying everywhere…on my fingers ALL over the sink, even on the bathtub. Amidst the panic, I did pause for a moment and ponder whether to scramble scramble and get it all cleaned up before the polish married to the sink (tide wipes for appliances anyone?), or to touch up that smudge on my left footed big toe that was staring me in the face. Longing for that completed, “polished” look. I too, being slightly OCD felt sorry for the lil guy. How was he to lead the other toes in action with a limp?

I made the only logical decision a girl could in this situation. I grabbed the brush, which was actually half brush and half glass at this point, and quickly propped the big toe up on the bathtub and got to painting. Of course, this could not go well, no, why would it? Shattered polish? Nope, no easy way out of this. Since the top had shattered clear off the lower part of the bottle, there were gobs of tiny particles of glass mixed in with the paint…so it went on in a globular fashion, those moments when you get too much polish, not enough brush (ladies, you know). Whatever, I didn’t have time for this drama! I made it look as finished as I could, and went back to the sink. Polish, everywhere. Deep purple splats on the perfectly white porcelain sink. Shit. I’m screwed. (Did I mention I live in a hotel?)

POA: Pour as much fingernail polish remover as I could into the sink, and onto my cotton ball. Scrub. Scrub. Furiously Scrub, and then Scrub again.

Only problem is that I have an unusual fear of cotton balls. Or anything cottony…to include those flat cotton face swabs, q-tips, you get the idea. So the entire time my spine was tingling from my tailbone to the very tip top. And i was getting chills, the bad kind, from touching said cotton balls. Ugh shuuuudder. I don’t even know why I hate them, but I do. Just the consistency, the little squeak you feel when you squeeze them. I’m gagging just thinking about it.

Needless to say, the operation took a bit longer than expected, but I pulled it together, and mission accomplished. But since the sink is white…it just looks like there is a grey scum around the very bottom near the drain. Think the cleaning ladies will notice? They’re only in here, oh, every day. Yeah, I’m so busted.

Very sad day for me. This was not only one of my favorite colors, and one of the nicer brands, most importantly…what does this mean? Could this mean I am in for a run of bad luck? I’m no conspiracy theorists, but I do believe in karma…and I believe that everything happens for a reason. Some signs just can’t be ignored.  Is this like seeing a black cat cross the street on a full moon? Shit, it better not be a full moon tonight, I can’t afford any bad luck right now. What with the picking up the car this weekend…the trip to Noaleans, a bayou air boat tour with real live crocs in their natural habitat…defending their babies…hunting for prey. Oh Em Gee




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