Slug Muggin

22 06 2011

Sew, chillens. I’ve been a bit busy these last few days. School is flying, thank goodness. I’m relieved, the B is relieved, and the Sis, excited I’ll be home in Sept (though partially excited I will be once and for all moving all of my boxes and assorted household goods out of her basement, to include the motorcycle taking up her lawnmower space in the garage). Good news all around. Though, I’m hoping this summer will FLY like the wind, Roch is probably praying it will move like a slug. Speaking of which, my first encounter with a real live slug was in Seattle when I was 11. Slug, meet foot. You get the idea. And that slug slime they leave behind, it’s no joke. Back to topic- After summer is over, thus starts Ms. Teacher’s -8th? – year of teaching. She’ll be retired before I am if she keeps that up. I guess she should be anyway since she’s an old lady. (yes, a year and two months is totally way older, gma!) Too bad she looks like she’s 18. Ah well you win some you lose some.

One of my friends is debating purchasing an investment home in FL. Which got me thinking again about my future living arrangement in California. Said friend had a house in HI and then turned around and sold it….I think he ended up losing a little money on it since it was when the market started the downspiral, but he was able to successfully keep some tenants in there and bank some military housing allowance, thus making money. He’s a bit of a handyman, and was able to do some upgrades and whatnot, but I am sadly not a handy lady, at all. There is always google…and youtube. But anyway, having an investment home is a great idea. I have been wondering when exactly is the right time for me to “settle down”, so they say. I’m pretty sure in the normal non-military world you are supposed to wait till you’re married and all that stuff, but what if you’re just a chick who wants a house? I think it could be possible.

Do I want to own, do I want to rent? I just don’t know. Basically right after I arrive, I’m going to have to leave again to go meet my ship…in another state…so I won’t even be there for a good 6 months…which would point me towards a solid decision to rent, at least until I am permanently back in CA. That would make SENSE. But i just have a huge moral conflict with paying in the upwards of $2000/mo for a rental. In reality, I’m losing that much a month, and in turn I’m paying someone ELSE’s mortgage. Why not just get my own house and at least have the mortgage going towards owning my own home. Even if I do have to leave it in 3 yrs, it could always be an investment company. There are realtors that you pay a small price and they will manage the property and the occupants. Worth the monies if you ask me. Buying a home is a HUGE step. I mean huge. Not just the price, but the responsibility, the panic that ensues when something breaks. I am a woman after all, and not to play out the whole, I need a man around thing, but in all truths, I don’t know how to fix everything. Well, as long as we’re getting real real, I don’t know how to fix most things. Now, my grandma, she’s a fix-it extraordinaire. And Sister Roch is well on her way down that path since she owns and has gone through several trials and tribulations with her own chunk of property. It’s all the price you pay (literally!) to have your own home. But I think ultimately, the good outweighs the bad, but get back to me in a couple of years after I get my starter-home.

I think we all watch tv (any other HGTV fanatics out there?) and have these high hopes and dreams about the first-home thing. And then you finally get your first home -whether it was intended to be one of those “project” homes or not- and come to understand the growing pains of responsibility. But, I am after all an adult. I came to terms with it a year ago. And I think i can handle a little added pressure. We’ll see what happens. Real estate isn’t exactly cheap right now-esp in Cali.

The other day a friend of mine brought up scrapbooking. Well, the exact words were, “Have you ever scrapbooked?” Um, “Sista, HaaaaVE I ever?” Haha, it’s only like my second favorite pastime! SO, we made a joint decision that we need to get to scrapbooking, ASAP. A trip to Hobby Lobby was obviously a must. A MUST. If you are unaware what Hobby Lobby is, then you must be a very very sad individual, OR you grew up in a location free of HL establishments. The franchise originated in Oklahoma, so if you are far far from the midwest, I doubt there is a Hobby near your town. BUT, a Michaels is second best, so you get the idea. It’s impossible, for any woman to go in this store and not make at least one purchase. There’s fabric galore, home decorations, wooden trunks, framing services, throw pillows, xmas decorations, fake flowers, scrapbook stuff, oh the list goes on and on and on. AND, the best part, is that they have mega-sales every week. This particular week, the scrapbooking stuff was 40% off, that is a DEAL of a lifetime. We had to take advantage. So, off we went into the glorious beyond, and we came out with scrapbooks, the big 12×12 ones, paper galore, and assorted vacation/summer stickers. Now, it is time to pick just the right photos and get started! Oh, the excitement abounds. It has been quite some time since I have scrapped. My dear college roommate got me started, shoutout to her (she also has a blog;, she is a scrapbook/craft/arts genius. Seriously, her scrapbooks are borderline perfection. I wonder if she ever does it anymore, I imagine her lil baby keeps her busy. But those are the best things to scrapbook about. There are so many cute decorations/stickers/etc for baby milestones.

However, this weekend I will be going to New Orleans picking up my beloved Ru. She’s been in transit since the beginning of April, from that country formerly known as my homeplace; Bahrain. Can someone please explain to me what exactly justifies an 85-day shipping time? That is a little on the crazy side if you ask me. But, she is here, finally, and I will be reunited once again. And, as long as we are in New Orleans, me and the new scrapbook friend are going to stay over and explore the city a bit. Last time I was there it was Mardi Gras 2005 on Bourbon street; inhibitions were low, livers were unscathed, and parties were to be had.Then again, I was definitely underage and most certainly not drinking because of said age drinking was more fun back then.

French Quarter

These days, my eyes are wide open and my priorities have changed. This trip I will be soaking in the culture and peeping the views. Views of which will be more than just that one street where the craziness happens. And I am praying that my jalopy arrives in one piece, free of scrapes, scratches, and dents. So, cheers to two more days of the week left, and I will see you on the flip side folks.




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23 06 2011
Megan Rascoe

It takes 85 days because they have 90 days to ship it… Although, oddly enough, it didn’t take that many for my car to go from GTMO to JAX then to Bahrain.. Have fun in NO!

23 06 2011

Thanks for the shout out! You will be sad to know that I haven’t scrapped since September 2009. You guessed right, the babe has kept me busy!! It is on my to-do list, along with a million other things… p.s. Started another blog about my home renos. Not too much posted now though; Johanna threw my camera in the pool so I can’t post much until I get a replacement. Anyways, check it out!

23 06 2011

in the pool?!!? bad johanna bad! i would cry.

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