9 06 2011

You heard me, THE Circus. The real live circus. Barnum and Bailey style.

For reals, people, I am going to my first official circus. And boy am I excited. If this is anything like that Circus special I saw on PBS last year, I am in for a real treat!

Shit, I don’t even know WHAT to expect. I’m sure they’ll be the usual elephants lingering around with some clowns jumping through hula hoops, and some contortionists or trapeze people, umm and who knows what else. It’s the Circus, and at the circus, anything is possible. I read it in a book once.

AND there will be all sorts of not-so-good-for-you foodstuffs. Funnel cake, sodie pops, icees, hangaburgers, etc. Oh deer.

Now, what to wear. A cute summer dress? I mean I don’t want to get anything dirty, what if they call me up there to perform with the elephants, or the clowns play a dirty joke on me. Nope, not gonna risk it. Shortsies and wedges it is. With a cute tank. I don’t think it’s like a glamazon ball occasion. Plus, I have just the shoes I’m going to wear, just need to pick out a top.

But, first thing’s first. I must charge my camera batter. I mustn’t (no idea that’s how it was spelled) run out of battery during the big show. This has been an ongoing issue with me and my cameras. No fault of theirs, but I always forget to charge charge my battery. Even in Europe, I didn’t bring enough and we had to pay something like $20 for four AA batteries. We were in Prague, was it korunas? We went through about five currencies over there. I don’t remember. Luckily the B was there to swoop in yet again and save the day. I think I’ll keep him around. 😉




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