HUNGRY Howie’s

3 06 2011

I just ordered pizza. Yum Yum Yum.


Thin crust with cheese. And some garlic bread. Yums in my tums.

I just watched the first episode of The Bachelorette. It was RIVETING. I live for that show. Ashley is just the right mix of crazy, happy, and secure all wrapped up in a teeny tiny midget sized package. There are so many good guys there for her. Except for Bentley. I hate him. He seems like a total used car salesman sleaze. For reals, Ash, wisen up. They showed a sneak peak of the whole season, and it looks like he’s there to stay, even though his confessionals have him talking about how he wished it was Emily and that he doesn’t even like Ashley. So why waste your time leading her on and being a poser? No clue. There is also a creeper from Kansas City, MO that has a mask on the entire first episode, and he doesn’t let on that he’ll be taking it off anytime soon. Why does the wierdie have to be from MO?? There are a few guys that are rather decent. A lawyer from New Orleans, a construction manager from New York, etc. Who will sheee choose?

<———-supercute shoes

Do you think Matthew Morrison’s album is any good? I’m debating downloading it.

Oh! And my Vamp Diaries Season 2 download is nowwww complete. Score. Guess what I’m doing all weekend!




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