Oh my Gomer

2 06 2011

I just finished watching Modern Family. That show is hilarious.

Alex: “Daaad, we haven’t had lunch yet.”

Phil: “Neither have half the kids in Africa. Stop yappin’ and get back to work.”

It’s amazing how much easier it is to type whilst on a computer with a legit keyboard and human sized keys.

So, upon my return from la escuela ayer, mi novio called me and told me about how his dad was in an accident on their ranch yesterday. He is in the hospital with a couple broken ribs and such, and is doing well, considering. The accident was involving their bully of a gomer bull. Which, is an entirely separate story/explanation. What’s a “gomer bull” you say? You’re going to have to google that shit. It’s nuts (no pun intended). Mista B explained it to me in an oh-so-matter-of-fact way what exactly this sort of bull was, which was followed by some facial movements from me that are not the most attractive, but well warranted.

So, for now we are praying for Papa B, but I know if I had some broken ribs I would be in bad baaaad condition. Pass the morphine please? But, I don’t handle pain too well..unless it’s in the form of tattoos. But that’s incomparable to accidental floating ribs. Don’t women have a spare rib? Or is it the other way around.

I just popped in the Billboard Music Awards, which took place in Vegas. It opened with Brit Brit and Robyn Rihanna Fenty performing her S&M superhit together. And, you guessed it, complete with stripper poles and handcuffs. Typical Ri Ri. It twas a good performance though, don’t get me wrong. I have a feeling Justin Beiber is going to sweep this joint. We will see what happens. I’m rooting for my girl Taylor. Snoopity Snoop and Far East Movement are presenting the best new artist award…J-B ended up getting it, but the more important thing here….I think the boys of Far East Movement are midgets. Or, they are all very very short. OR, Snoop is 7 feet tall. Who knows. Thankfully Hollywood awards shows have listened to the viewers and started putting more and more performances on the show. That’s what the fans REALLY want to see. And, might I add, Beyonce’s performance blew my mind. Blew. My. Mind. I suggest youtubing it if you get the chance.

Now Kesha is performing. Dancing unicorns, ay? I think someone just took the cake on creativity and innovation. What’s better than a unicorn? DANCING unicorns!

School is…eh…school. Regarding our instructors, who were especially moody and dickish today, I was reminded of an Oscar Wilde quote I once heard: “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they leave.” I can’t help but breathe in a deep sigh of relief at the end of the day that our personality-challenged instructors will no longer have time to breathe over our shoulders or talk down to us. Seriously, it’s like being attacked on a daily basis. Mentally and even physical drainage is what it does to me. But hey, no one likes to be in uncomfortable positions, and I’m sure this will make me a better person…I read it in a book once.

Got to talk to my sis today, twas good to hear her voice and a couple stories from home. Her pups were at the groomers, so I didn’t get to shout a hello to them, but I’m sure she’ll pass along my salutations. The initial topic of conversation was regarding my household goods, of which I have FOUR shipments in total. The military must get way more complicated when you are married and have children. Don’t worry, all was settled, and my goods should be arriving to their individual destinations as planned. Once upon a time in 2009 I had some goods packed out at my sister’s and we got the brilliant idea to get a couple things out of her basement for a while. So, we had the movers pack them up with my belongings, and I left behind my bed, a dresser, and a motorcycle….of which I will need yet another packout for. I am going to be so good at moving by the time I retire. Let me tell you. Anyway, so currently my sister’s things are packed away with my stuff in Kansas aaaand my stuff is still at her house. Had to get that all sorted out today. Thankfully the Fort Leavenworth Househould Goods office was able to lend a girl a hand, and they were quite personable and friendly as well.

Ladies and Men, the weekend is upon us. Just a Friday to shove out of the way and Sat/Sun will be made for relaxing. Sweet relief. Might there be a Sonic drink in my future?




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