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31 05 2011

So my internet has been down for going on three days now. It’s an absolute travesty. Over Memorial Day Weekend of all times. Doesn’t the internet God www know that my very life entertainment depends upon the web? Anywho…despite yet another shortcoming of the great Navy Gateway, I had a rather entertaining weekend. And because of that, my words come from my trusty and ever faithful handheld cellular.

Friday I went with a classmate to eat at Tequilla Rose near base. It was average in my book for a Mexican restaurant. Chipotle will always be one in my heart. Closely rivaled with the one and only Barbosas of St. Joseph, MO. Each unique and spectacular in their own ways. Though, you can’t go wrong with a bowl o’ salsa and tortilla chips. Tequillas hit that nail on the head. Then, I sort of slept for four hours. Next on the docket was a nice steak dinner con baked potato and sweet butter rolls…that were surprisingly scrumptious and crazy close to my great Aunt B’s bathtub rolls (I’ll save that for a separate post if I can ever squeeze the recipe out of her-but you make rolls like normal and then they raise in a bathtub of warm water…in retrospect they are a lot more normal than the name implies.) SO my filet mingon was ay may zing. As was my tater. Then, we went to see Hangover II. It was decently hilarious but a tad predictable. But it was aight with me, I just wanted a movie that I could not have to think about.

Onto Saturday. A friend from class set up a tee time of 745…yawn. So, off we went. It turns out that golfing 18 holes takes like…forever..well about four hours to be exact. It was quite entertaining seeing as I was the only one out of the three of us that had been golfing more than a couple times. Despite my “experience” I came in second. It was a good time though. I think I’ll be hitting up the driving range this weekend though. I need to get a lil pactice in. Though we were playing best ball and actually used my drivs a couple times…pretty impressive for a female. We’ll leave out he tiny fact that on said drives the guys may or may not have made contact with the club and ball…

We went to McGuire’s for lunch. Yum YUM! I got an angus burger that I could barely make my way through half of. Full full, I didn’t even eat supper that day I was so stuffed. Then on Sunday we went on a little WalMart trip and Sonic for Happy Hour, hellooo diet choco coke!

On Monday I got in some much needed gym time. Jeez I’m surprised I fit into my workout gear…ugh the temptations of Amurica.

Which, speaking of…

During my month back in the US I have rediscovered a few things:

1. Reasonably priced fresh deli meat

2. Great cuts of steak that you can buy just about anywhere.

3. String Cheese

4. Farmer’s Markets which also encompasses delectible strawberries and grapefruit

5. Book stores

6. Bread with a shelf life longer than 4 days

7. Peanuts grow under the earth…they are neither peas or nuts. But legumes rather…

The Mums is taping The Bachelorette for me! Oh man I am so excited to gt a jumpstart on the new season. It won’t be the same without Mista B by my side loudly eating two pb&j sandwiches and criticizing every over dramacized move they make. But I’ll make do. 😉 I have to admit, he does have a point with some of his accusations about the scenes or events being stagd by the network…but I stand by my firm ignorant belief that fairytales do happen…somewhere…even if forced by producers…




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1 06 2011

I like mista b more and more with every piece of info! Also love your bloggys. Keep em coming!

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