WTF Weds: Ed 016 Big Fat Loser

25 05 2011

Two topics on the docket today. Boy am I glad it’s WTF Wednesday. I have some recon to share.

First sitch to address: One of my fellow classmates brought a little youtube video to my attention.



Yeah, that guy that put seven self-taken (I’m pretty sure only females are allowed to take those) pics and crafted an elementary level slideshow made that extremely creative video issss my instructor. He’s in the Army and makes a living off of being a teacher to poor souls like me. Which is ironic, because he probably has no soul. Luckily for him and his family, rapping is not his only source of income…

Now, if this individual wasn’t especially asshole-ish I would actually feel sorry for him. I would. That video would be quite the accomplishment for oh, a twelve year old. This deuche is the loser of losers. Like, that guy in HS who was cool, but never went anywhere after graduation. The old HS football star who has to make everyone relive his glory days and remind himself that he is hip and cool and the most important thing on this earth. Maybe I sort of do feel sorry for him. We get it. You are the alpha male and you are in charge. Can we move on?

He can be a freakshow all he wants on his own time, but when I’m in a classroom trying to learn, and you’re being loud and obnoxious, throwing up the deuces, calling us by nicknames, laughing with the other instructors AT the students because we can’t figure something out, that’s distracting and frankly uncalled for. We shouldn’t be stressed out going IN to the classroom for the day due to unprofessional instructors with attitude problems. When I wake up in the morning, I have to prepare myself for mental rape. We don’t deserve that shit. Unlike other strange and unusually offensive stuff, this is not a normal situation for the Navy. Thankfully, he’s only attached to us until the end of Volume one which ends in about two weeks. Then we can cut the fat. Thank the baby Jesus.

And the othern: I’m watching “Biggest Loser” and it’s so heartwarming and inspiring. And somehow I still called up Hungry Howie’s and ordered a large pizza. I blame the B for introducing me to this delicious flavored crusted pizza pie.

Everyone gets a cheat day, right?




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