fridge = fried

23 05 2011

I think I’m temporarily cursed. My freezer stopped working and everything in it is now sopping wet and melted… Luckily I didn’t have any popsicles or sticky things in there. I hate messes.

But my things in the fridge are probably no good anymore either….So, two hours and two phone calls later, a new old appliance shows up at my stoop. This one doesn’t smell as nice as the last, but after spraying it down with 409 – twice – I think it’ll do just fine. You never know what these Navy people did to an appliance, who knows what was in there…

Though I do love to organize and put things away in a neat and orderly fashion, this was not one of those times I felt especially accomplished. This was a time when I was especially annoyed that yet another thing has gone wrong with this place, thus extending my bedtime by an hour. As I think over the problems I’ve had at the ye ol Gateway, I’m filing through my last few months and trying to remember something that I have done to deserve this sort of karma. This has got to be karma. Or maybe it’s punishment for something that I have yet to do… Who knows.

Though I’m being brought down by these issues….I am enjoying quite a bit of TV. Now that I’m in America, there is always something on that I need to watch. Extreme Couponing, Surprise Quintuplets, True Life, Oprah, the list goes on. And mostly educational, so I can justify being lazy. Plus, I spit shined my boots and folded my laundry so I was decently productive.

P.S. Happy anniv. B-man 😉




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