Road Trip!

22 05 2011

Good evening ladiez and gentiles.

Just got home from a wonderful weekend. A little road trip action.

1. Milton, FL

2. Destin, FL

3. Gautier, MS

On Friday I rented a car. A 2010 VW Jetta. She’s a nice ride actually. I’ve never personally driven a Jetta.

  • My first order of business was in Milton, FL. My grandparents used to live there so I wanted to go check out their old stomping grounds. When I was in FL after boot camp I had the chance to go and visit them a few times. Also, I wanted to see the church we went to. I may go to church there while I’m here. It’s about a 30 min drive without traffic. But of course on Friday afternoon, there was a shit ton of traffic.
  • Next day, it was Destin time (isn’t that baby rash cream?). If my memory served me correctly, I remembered there was a semi-large shopping center, and I needed wanted to get a little shopping time in. To get from Pcola to Destin you must take the highways along the ocean, the ones that were all messed up by hurricane Katrina back in the day. One of the cities you go through is Fort Walton Beach, which is paaaacked with peeps. The traffic was nearly to a stand-still. Once again I chose the wrong time to go. But I imagine any time during the weekend is the wrong time to go. At any rate, the traffic hasn’t gotten to me here yet. I’m coming from being exposed to the driving experience of Bahrain. Crazy ass drivers. At least people follow the rules here. And the coppers actually do their jobs and monitor drivers. Like it’s their job or something. Anyway, I made it to the mall and it was wonderful. And I tried this place called Zoe’s Kitchen for lunch, it’s supposed to be an all natural restaurant/take-away place. It was ehhh decent. But they have pita chips, I may try those next time.
  • Today, I looked on a map and decided upon a little town in Mississippi. Called Gautier. No idea what was there, other than a mall probably, so that was motivation enough. That and I wanted to drive in the opposite direction of the day prior. It turns out that Mississippi is awesome to drive through. Everything is super green, traffic not so bad, and I ran into a Farmer’s Market. Thanks to the fact I missed the on-ramp to the freeway and had to re-route through backroads my keen instincts and sense of adventure. So, the majority of my return to Pcola trip was by way of country roads. Which is much more pleasing to the eyes. That and the hair doesn’t whip around in my face as much since the speed limit was 50 or 55, vice 70. I can’t even remember the last time I’d gone 70 in a car…

Loxley, Alabama

Back to school tomorrow, back to reality. We have a test. On a Monday. I get the feeling our instructors deserve to burn in hell do not like us much.

I have the remnants of an unwelcomed sunburn from our Friday “Navy Day of Fun” where we basically watched different cultures of people dance, some Indian lady whisper into her clarinet-esque instrument, random venders pawning stuff on us, and the Chaps give a long speech about Honor, Courage, and Commitment. At least that’s what I think it was about. His mic wasn’t on and no one had the heart to tell him.

Sidenote I: I saw a quote on a billboard today: “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” Oscar Wilde. I think my instructors fall into that second category.

Sidenote II: These cookies taste like onions. Note to self, separate frozen dinners and cookies in freezer.




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