WTF Weds: Ed 015 Meece

18 05 2011

Can I please have a moment of silence.


Here I am enjoying a new room. A room I was moved to after I got home from work yesterday and was greeted by mouse droppings. It was probably a family of mice. Or maybe just a singular mouse with a bowel problem. That shit (literally) probably happened overnight when I was safely tucked away in my fluffy queen bed all comfy and dreaming. I slept like a baby last night. Little did I know what was afoot.

This incident reminds me of my sister’s battle with moles (the yard variety, vice human variety). One more reason she needs a blog. Roch! I hope you’re listening!

They were probably waiting for me to drift off to wonderland before conduct their covert number twos. Not that they would really care if anyone saw them drop, they are rodents after all.

You want to wage war on me, mouse? It was time for a call to action:

So, I called the front desk and had them send the manager over. He showed up minutes later with mouse traps, sympathy tears, and a club a woman accomplice. He inspected the poo and seemed more distraught then I did about it, even throwing in a couple of disappointment headshakes (to anyone with a mother, you know what kind I am talking about). To which I quietly thought to myself that the speech I had prepared was of no use. The “Would YOU want to live in a place with rats??” “Would you want your children around these type of creatures, crawling on them when they slept!??” I don’t know, I was preparing for some pretty offensive stuff, because frankly, I am pretty offended that after a call to the front desk the day prior, all they did was have two schmoes show up and tell me they have no traps but they’ll put me on “the list”. I mean, I didn’t want to get all rude with manager man since he was not the original investigator, but seriously, this is unacceptable.

SO, when it was apparent he was just as upset as I, I didn’t really know what to say…but after he checked out the poop and agreed this was not alright, he said he is definitely going to take it up the chain and make everyone that needs to know aware of the problem, they’d move me rooms, and he was very sorry for my problem.

So, I started packing while manager man continued to go through my closet and unzip my suitcases looking for the little guys’ hideout and coordinate some business with the front desk. Eventually, he stood up and said that two guys were coming to help me move, and they would comp me the room, backdated to the day I moved in.Sooo that’s about $450. Which certainly makes up for my eaten bread yesterday, and makes the move a little less painful. Yes, I brought a LOT of stuff with me to P-cola. What? I ‘m a girl, it’s allowed.

On his way out he said, “excuse me, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but you are the most organized and orderly person I have ever seen into at the BEQ. I live with my wife and three daughters, and they are not clean at all.” Which….is not saying much considering the company I am in… Navy people are rather sloppy and we’re always moving around or just plain gone, OR too busy to keep our rooms clean. But the majority of the residents here are either fresh out of Momma & Daddy’s house boot camp, or just sloppy unorganized.

You know how single guys live (B, don’t take this personally, you are not in this category).  So I was rather flattered he would compliment me in this way. For anyone who is OCD, this is quite the compliment. Persons who live in the neat and orderly fashion do not get praised very much…it’s usually a, “why are you so anal?” WELL, haters, guess who can find their dental floss in three seconds? Guess who knows exactly what shelf the paper plates and forks are on in the cupboard? Guess who you’re going to call when you are unpacking your house? Hmmm I guess we aren’t all that bad, eh?

This isn't my drawer, but it does warm my heart.

And for those of you who don’t live in the clean and organized ‘everything has its place’ world, this just goes to show that no amount of cleanliness keeps mice away. They do not discriminate. OCD or not, they’re coming for you.




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18 05 2011

I’m glad they moved you to a new room and to reimburse you the money. Maybe I will catch some of your OCD one of these days 🙂 Moose would be very excited if I did.

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