Weight, what?

15 05 2011

So I did something really stupid.

I haven’t had a thorough workout, like holy shit this is a good workout that touches all the muscles in a long long while. Yeh, I’ve been getting my cardio in, but it’s been at least four months I would say since I’ve been around weights. Which. Is. A. Long. Time. And also pretty sad considering I am in the military and I should theoretically be in shape. Theoretically being one of the keywords here. There are so many people in the military that are out of standards. Whether it be fat and sloppy, a little overweight, or just plain out of shape.

And I am currently on that shit list.

I’ve been eating well, thanks to my bodybugg I’ve been able to see how many calories I’m afforded based on how many I’m able to burn a day. Pretty cool technology actually. The Mista has a wrist monitor for his. It’s a digital display that has the time, your heart rate, current calories burned, and it’s all conveniently located on your wrist.

Anyway, despite these gadgets, and my keen sense of how many calories are going in and out of my body, on Friday it was time to put some gym back in my life.

So, off to the gym it was. The Radford Gym on NAS Pensacola is…a decent gym. It’s a fairly new one, it’s probably been built since I was here last. But it’s a poor set-up. (Although now that I’ve googled to find a pic of this joint it looks pretty nice..) I miss the Bahrain gym, everything is set up nicely. Free weights on one side, the weight machines on the other side, and split right in the middle were the treadmills and bikes. Simple. Organized. Now, this gym is all sorts of messed up. To make things difficult, the room is a half moon shape. So the treadmills and bikes are lined up along the bending window on the rounded side. And then behind it is the free weights clustered in with the weight machines. It will take a few times to get the layout down like I had the gym in Bahrain. All mapped out in my head n shit. The gym here closes at 9pm too, so that’s lame.

SO, there I was, on friday ready to do my thing. I have a Women’s Muscle Fitness book, so I picked out a routine in the back of the book, and got going. This specific workout involved supersets. So, it was a legs/upper body day. Did some work on the smith machine, some squats, some calf raises, and some upper body shit. Easy day. Well, some of those reps were a bit of a struggle, but I stopped after my form was being compromised… like only a good gymlet (that’s like a piglet, but a gym nerd) would. The walk home from the gym was interesting. I felt like I was walking like a 90 yr old woman with a missing spinal cord. My legs were not moving properly and my back was a little wobbly. Alright, maybe I pushed too hard this first day back. Then it was time to go to class. Throughout the day I was fine. A bit sore. But nothing I couldn’t shake off.

The next morning was a whole nother story. Oh deer. I have never felt so much pain. After mustering the courage to roll out of bed, I moseyed to the bathroom and had to literally lower myself to the toilet like someone who had been in a terrible accident and lost their legs altogether. Seriously, I am not exaggerating. My. entire. body. hurt.

Despite my poor lame body, I did get out and see the city a bit yesterday. And when I say city I mean the seaside town of Pensacola, Florida. It’s a bit more ghetto than I recall from my 8 month stint back in the early 2000’s. Regardless, me and a fellow service member from class went out to find a tattoo shop. We first ate at Olive Garden, and YUM! Salad, soup, and bread sticks oh my!

Then, we typed in tattoo shop into the trusty Garmin (speaking of, I learned that my Sidekick 4G Andriod has a Garmin feature; awesome!), and the first place we stumbled upon was “All About Ink”. It’s a pretty decent shop, for tattoo places. Usually they are a tad shady, naturally. This one had a pool table, foosball table, two flat screen tvs and a lounge. Also some vending machines. The tattoo booths were set up on the edges of the room, about six in total. Brilliant idea for any Navy town. There’s something for kids to do while waiting to get their first “I heart Navy” globe and anchor tattoo. Or whatever tacky lettering they are lingering around to lay on a table for.

We signed our names, and waited. The chick that came in, her name was Leah, is a huge fan of peacocks, what luck! AND, her favorite colors are the teal, purple, and pink colors, juuust what I was planning on adding to my peacock anyway. Twas fate I decided, and took a seat to get about three hours of work done. The finished prod is a little blurry as you can see, but it turned out quite nicely, and my half sleeve is now complete. She also added some anchors and stars around the pinup. The guy who went with me got some curlie que stuff on his lower ribs. OUCH! Mine took a while, but the arm is probably the least painful spot on the body, until you get to the inner arm, then yikes!

After the tattage, we went to the all too familiar Cordova Mall. A large mall, for the town anyway. It’s no Mall of America, but it is decent. And it had some stores I wanted to visit anyhow. Tmobile, Foot Locker, Old Navy, etc. I don’t think I spotted an American Eagle but then again I wasn’t looking too hard. In one of the hallway kiosks they had a stand advertising sugar gliders. I think they’re also called “pocket pets”, but they are these little squirrels that kind of glide through the air. They are so cute and tiny!


The guy who was selling them who should have started out his speech with “Hi, my name is Bob and I know 7000 useless facts about these ten fingered-marsupials,” threw so many facts at us, it was like a used car salesman, for reals. But the little guys were in his pockets just waiting to be taken out and pet. he had five sugar gliders on him at the time, he would pull one out and call it by name and give it a little pet pet, and then let a guest hold the thing while he sputtered off in animal talk. Then, he would call the glider back, and say “Here, Charlotte!,” and she would jump/glide from the other person’s hand through the air back into the sales guy’s pocket. Pretty cool stuff. I feel like I might lose the little guy around the house somewheres tho.

Well, it’s time for some bengay and some healthy shit for supper. Since I had my dose of sexiness via skype this morning, I leave you with a little eye candy of your own (Men, read no further.):

The perfect summer satchel. Mista, are you reading this? =)




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