Buggin out

11 05 2011

1. Someone is playing hopscotch or the like outside of my room.

2. Burping up fish oil pills is not pleasant

3. This morning I remembered that the Blue Angels practice here; of which I noticed when they jumped up overhead in the sky and I thought the buildings were crashing it was so loud. Do you think wanting to be a Blue Angel is a lofty goal? I mean, IS there a better job? Nope.

This isn't from this morning, but shit I wish it was!

SO. My first day in Pensacola went swimmingly. As did my second.

Today was officially my first day of 96 days of school. 95 more to go. I can also say that most of the “refresher” material went right over my head…I’m in for a dewsie. I was sitting through the lecture realizing that I will never use this stuff (flashback to 9th grade algebra anyone?) and remembering how useless my first school on this same material was…and getting very frustrated. It also made me sleepy. I will be one stressed out woman for the next 5 months. Mista B, consider this my pre-apology.

We only have seven in our class, and they say not all of us will be graduating, which is lovely to tell your students the first day of class. We have one booter in there who went into initial training and they pipelined him through the advanced course that all the fleet returnees are here for. Lucky dude. Course he is the one who gets picked on, so that’s alright with me. Is that wrong? I mean, we only have seven people, so we each get our fare share of teacher-student attention. Well this kid will learn up quick. Teach has appointed him as “class leader”, that poor boy.

Enough about school.

SO I am a new owner of a Body Bugg. I’m sure you’ve heard about it by word of mouth or from Biggest Loser (or as my mom calls it, “Big Fat Loser”). It’s this device that you wear around your upper arm, and it counts your calories burned, steps taken, heart rate, etc. Then you plug it into your computer every night and log the food you ate. It’s basically a way so you can count calories and also see how many you are burning so you can manage your intake daily. There are neat little graphs online once you get your account all set up (which is a task in itself..lots of biometrics and lifestyle questions). But anyhow, I’ve been wearing it for a few days now, and it has definitely opened my eyes to what I’ve been eating…

Me and the B are doing a little friendly competition of Biggest Loser in the next six weeks. We’ll do it just like Biggest Loser does it. Weigh ins every tuesday, and the poundage will go by percent since we are both at different weights. (It’s so much easier for guys to lose weight!)

The new BodyBugg has a sweet function that you can sync with your ipod/iphone where you can log your meals on your device instead of logging into the website via computer.

So, it’s back to eating healthy and shit. Since it’s a competition this time I think that should add some fun 😉 The fitness center on base is actually a fairly new building and has very nice facilities. Very nice. Plus, it’s a block from the beach, which means great views while you’re trekkin away on the treadmills.

I’ll keep you posted. For anyone who knows me, I am cutting down on the sweets- not ruling them out entirely- so I will be a cranky lady. Don’t poke.




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