yo. fr. FR

1 05 2011

hello from france. i took a semester of french in college and for the life of me cannot remember how they say hello…

i have exactly three minutes….the keys are not in the right order here so i look like a five yr old tryn to type. also. it was 5 euro for five minutes wtf france.

had a slight delay in Bahrain for my outgoing flight last night…not to mention both of my ags were wayyy oer 23 kilos. how aout 39 kilos and 41 kilos. had to shuffle a it and the mista b came to save the day. my knight in shining armour.

on the flight to france, shoort stop in dammam…i had the strangest dream. it was an easter egg hunt and all the clues and prizes were in those met-rx drinking cups…wtf..

alright. next stop philadelphia and jamba juice!!




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