Only a few more days, I can do this.

25 04 2011

So, my time in the Kingdom is coming to an end..

Me and the B moved into a hotel for the last ten days or so, all of my shit is officially en route to VA and MO, my car is reading as “in transit to U.S.”, at least on the tracking page, and I am weaning myself from the base.

We need milk? Let’s go to the commissary. Nope, let’s NOT go to base on my day off… Need to go into work for something? Nope, not happening, it can wait till tomorrow. etcetera.

I’ll have to say, being at a hotel is relaxing, but really it has all the conveniences as my highrise did. They change your bedding, towels, and clean daily. Pool, gym (which, sadly I have yet to step into), room service, food delivery at your fingertips. Oh, and it turns out that military gets 20% off of anything ordered here. Me and B ate at Kontiki, a restaurant in the hotel last night and got 20% off the meal. Though I can’t really call it a steal of a deal seeing as it was still $18 dinars (times that by 2.66 for the american price).

The money system is quite deceptive here. It seems like you get a steal of a deal on clothing items, food, and things of that sort, but really you have to basically times everything by three to get the real price, in american dollar.

It is heating up here. And when I say heating I mean the sun, AND the humidity. We have had a couple days to lounge by the pool. And we have been eating out a lot. As I mentioned, Kontiki, and our other favories: Iskanduran Grill, Nu Asia, Citrus, Cinnabon, Chilis, oh the list goes on. We are terrible humans. Basically throwing away monies for this, but in a hotel what else are you to do?

I had my outbrief with the big boss today, and guess what the first thing he asked me was, “So, where is the first place you are going to e—“

Me (cutting him short in an offensively excited tone): “Well, sir I have it all planned out. Jamba Juice once I hit Philadelphia, I already googled it. Moe’s Southwest Grill in Minneapolis at that airport. Then, my sister is bringing me Chipotle from Missouri, and some Olive Garden in there too.”

The Sir: “Oh, it sounds like you have quite the line-up.”

…I don’t think he was expecting a carefully laid plan for my schedule of food, but he asked. So I procured.




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