12 04 2011

Well, manana is the big pack-out of 2011. This is going to be pretty complicated. I have:

Household goods in Bahrain…

HHG at my sister’s in Missouri…

HHG in storage in Kansas…

And my car is somewhere in between Bahrain and California right now….

I’m anxious to get my junk out of here. It will be a load off. Then, off to the HOtel, and off of this damn island. Goodbye arab world. Salutations, as Charlotte would say.

Hopefully all my shit makes it to San Diego by October. We’ll see what happens…I’m not going to hold my breath…

Sidenote: Me and the B saw “Source Code” today, it was pretty damn good. Plus, it has Jake Gyllenhal in it. My future non-husband, but possible love interest candidate in my second life. Pretty awesome movie. It was one of those psychological thrillers. B had to explain it to me after I ended. It was an awesome storyline though, something that hasn’t been done over and over and over again.

Second sidenote: One of my friends just got hired on by a nondescript three letter agency. Gives the rest of us hope. Congrats Gen!

Time to paint the toenails now. Pink or red…pink or red…




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14 04 2011

Hopefully the Somalis don’t capture your goods.

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