Spring Packing

9 04 2011

Alright folks, time to get some shit organized in preparation for my pack out on Wednesday. Let me tell you, that should be an interesting post.

I suspect the moving company to come in like they always do with 2-3 people who hardly speak english and they pack your shit like madmen. You really got to keep an eye on them to make sure they pack everything nicely. Ie: vases, picture frames, pans, things of that nature. Sometimes they just throw your shit in boxes. They do replace what is broken, but the claims process is a pain. When I left Hawaii and the movers came to pack my shit up, 1. they tried to pack my roommate’s couch…as they were sitting on it…2. When they were finished and departed the premisis, they left broken shards of glass in the front yard..hmmm

Another time, when movers came to Missouri to pick up my shit, they literally shattered my glass table top that I got in Hawaii. Like, irreplaceable huge glass table top. It’s a table that sat about 12 around it. I think it was from Goodwill actually, but you bet your buttons I’m going to file a claim when my goods get to California.

Sidetracked, anyhow, today I started going through all of my boxes that have been packed and in storage since I got here in APR 2009.

Exhibit A:

As you may have guessed, it turned out to be a mess. It always gets messier before it gets organized. Took me the whole day, but I think I have my shit in order. I don’t want the movers to come in and pack up the table or dishes that belong to Somerset. I pulled everything out of the spare room, bathrooms, closets, storage, kitchen, and it’s all in one place. Namely the living room, which appears to be a bit of a mess, but the things I could box up, I did and it’s ready to go for the movers! One step closer. I know the B is cringing while reading this, don’t worry 6 months will pass by quickly. I promise.

During my organization I realized that I may have more of a problem than I thought. Found these in storage:

Exhibit B:

My lovlies

Not only do I have several purses, I’m afraid I found even more shoes:

Exhibit C:

When I was in the states I would Ebay my stuff frequently so I guess it never really piled up like this…. I mean, I do wear them all..well most of them… 😉

They all have purposes and so do my satchels!

Okay, stay tuned for my horror story pack out on Weds




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