The Food

1 04 2011

Okay, perhaps I am a little happy to be back. Went to base today to pick up some groceries and visit the ol Beauty Saloon.

Two bags of groceries: $26

Color change on the ol nailsies: $2

The average day of eating/traveling costs about $100 a day, minimum. Seriously. It even costs to use the restroom when you are not at home. There is a coin machine at public bathrooms, even in McDonalds.

Good to be back on American soil. Wait…what? I mean Bahrain…but technically it’s US Federal grounds. If you want to get technical.

The first thing I would like to share with you is the food. Food food wonderful food. Oh lord, there was so much of it. So much. Everywhere. Pastries up to your elbows, schnitzels stands on every corner, candy on your nightstand. Man, seriously I have no idea how Europeans stay so fit. Other than the fact they walk or ride a bicycle to and from every destination.

Alright, enough jibber jabbering. Onto the main dish.

Yum Yums from our travels:

First meal in Germany. In a Berlin diner. Beef and potatoes, very good.

Lunch on the ICE Train en route Munich, Germany. It was aight. The beef was baked in a sort of wine sauce. The potato dumplings tasted a little rubbery. I give it a 3.

Dinner @ Le Meridien in Munich. Chicken and mashers. This. Was. Delicious.

Breakfast in Munich, delightful! Mini-nutella, is there anything better?

Pizza in Prague, Czech Republic. Margherita and Hawaiian. Brick oven style and it was deeeeelish!

Bratislava, Slovakia. Some wonderful brushetta and a shot of germ-x

Veal in Vienna @ our hotel. It was pretty good. The hashbrowns were delicious too

Danube Cruise in Budapest, Hungary. Sammies were decent

Hungarian Folklore dinner. Beef goulash and potatoes. Yum yum YUM!

My beef n potatoes expensive as hell rest stop lunch, Austria

Wiener schnitzel! Deep fried turkey and it was AMAZING!! Austria

This was a roast beef-ish sort of dish with some corn mashers and carrots.. Salzburg, Austria

This is the real Schnitzel. Got this lil guy from a doggie stand in Salzburg, so yummy!




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