The edge of oblivion

17 03 2011

As I sit at work nearly slipping into unconsciousness my mind has become incredibly active actually.

Haven’t slept today and I’m at work…overnight… Oh Navy you keep me guessing, I’ll give you that. Though I feel Bahrain is to blame for this, not the U S of A. If you are unaware about what’s going on in the middle east, you are an idiot check the news.

So as I sit here I am realizing I have forgotten about several bands I used to hold near and dear. Taking a walk down memory lane, by way of noises in my ears, I’m remembering such groups/artists as 3 Doors Down, Halestorm, Sugar Ray, Bomshel, The Frey, Anberlain, John Mayor, several more… I’m always too busy to just throw my ipod on straight up shuffle, cause usually you’re in the mood for a little Kelly Clarkson or maybe some gym’n music, or whathaveyou. Well, the next time you are stuck somewhere, ie: airport (WHERE I WILL BE IN A COUPLE DAYS…just saying) you should throw that old ipodular of yours on “music” “songs” “shuffle”. Trust me. You will thank me later. You’ll find that there are tons of songs that you have just plain forgot about over the years. The classics, the one hit wonders, the 50s, 60s, 70s music, just a lovely mix of all you-music. It is your itunes after all and at one point or another in your life you downloaded that particular song in search of a feeling you desperately needed to feel or emptiness that needed a top-off.


In an unrelated conversation, the folks bring up the possibility of Martial Law , in which they will have military checkpoints all over the island and the airports will be shut down. I swear to the man upstairs if my leave is taken away, I’m going to throw a BF. Bitch Fit. One of epic proportion. No joke. I have been planning this shit for too long for it to be taken away for some Shi’ite/Sunni skirmish about the government. Well, now that I put it like that my leave seems rather unimportant…

I think I will miss a couple things about Bahrain. And in case that word “couple” leads your mind to believe there are several things I will long to experience again, you are terribly mistaken. A couple. As in two or three things.

1. Hummus and Naan (they come as an item)

2. Housekeepers that change your sheets/towels, do your dishes, clean, etc. All included in your rent.

3. Delivery. Any food you want. Delivered to your doorstep with a smile

And, that’s it.




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