Ides of March: A time of reflection.

15 03 2011

Now that I think about it…

Why is it always so GD freezing in our office? I will attribute it to the fact we have no windows and rarely see the sunlight.

When I was young I had a doll that I named Jello. And I thought it was a perfectly normal name for a stuffed little boy with red curly hair and yellow shoes.

We’re not allowed to put our hands in our pockets in the Navy, so why do they put pockets on our uniforms. In fact, I have ten pockets right now…that I can’t use.

When did it become socially acceptable for men to practice flatulance in the workplace? Never okay.

Learned soemthing new today. WIFCOM. Wirefree communications. The more you know…

Why are Coach purses so GD expensive!??! I used to get the knock-offs when I was in Hawaii. There was this ghetto swap meet that you could get a knock off designer handbag for about $20-$30. Now that I’ve tasted reality and the smell of leather….I’ll never go back.




2 responses

15 03 2011

Yep. I totally remember Jello. And I never thought it was a weird name either. I had a doll name Mitsey. Not as weird as Jello but still strange. Why were we such weird kiddos?

15 03 2011

Yeah and who named the farm dog Tippie?
And Momma Cat.
Oh children…so imaginative.

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