Nice try, Potter

11 03 2011

December Boys.

Two thumbs sideways.

Let’s get real here. A couple of things in this movie simply just did not add up.

A girl dissing Daniel Radcliffe? Who can say no to this muffin:


I gotta give the guy kudos for breaking out of his innocent international man of wizardress, but he’s got two misses in my book. 1. The broadway show he did where he was naked. I watched a snippet of it and it was a bit of a yawnfest…and hard to follow. Sometimes Broadway’s on their OFP anyway, but come on Danny, you can do any movie you want. Really, anything. And you probably don’t even need to work another day in your life thanks the genius mind of lady Rowling.

And my second disappointment. See below.

Another thing that didn’t quite fit….the chick at the top of the poster is his love interest. Firstly, hard to believe someone who looked like ol Radcliffe would have his V-card at 17. She does him and leaves him. Like a straight up dude. Pretty fucked. I’m sure he’ll move past her.

Also, in the movie these four boys are orphans in Australia who get to take a “holiday” during their birth month, December, and stay with this old couple on some desolate beach. How is THE Mr. Potter even an orphan in the first place? Who wouldn’t want a wizard in the family?? I would. Plus, he was quite a handsome chap even as a babe. Australians are insensitive. That’s the only explanation.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a real “coming of age” movie…if you are seven and want to take an afternoon nap.




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