Cinco de Marcho

5 03 2011

Today we took a lil jaunt around town. Well, around the country really. We did not abide by the town lines. Regardless of supposed protestors. We didn’t see any of the sort actually. Two weeks confined to our flats and base… I feel as though the streets are safe. And to be honest, I feel like I was mildly deceived, and I do not appreciate it. Non-violent protestors ten miles from my doorstep and the safety of a Navy base does not warrant house arrest.

So. I’m going to the movies tomorrow. Restrictions or not.

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I got my ORDERS last night. I have a couple of days to get my shit in place. You’re supposed to get them at least 6 months out. And I got them two months out. Buuuut I’m not going to complain, because I am indeed departing this chunk of sand. Goodbye shwarma, goodbye mosques, goodbye abayas, goodbye crazy ass drivers, goodbye creepy men, goodbye overpriced clothes, goodbye tiny base. America. I’m coming for you. This is the official warning. Wal-Mart, keep that cherry carmex, zip n steam baggies, and a variety of cds thoroughly stocked. Chipotle, you better have shining silver heat tubs filled to the brim with fresh chicken, rice with cilantro, pico, and cheese. Sonic, I’m comin for you, by way of diet chocolate coke. And Jamba Juice, I will begin my mission to hunt your ass down. You are becoming more and more hard to find…in the midwest you are few and far between. Strawberry Surfrider is in my future. I WILL find you.

I’m watching The Fighter. Anyone seen it? I got it boot leg so if it sucks I won’t be regretting anything. Just two hours of my life that I can never get back. But what’s two hours out of 24 anyway? A bleep in the many millions of hours that compile my life. I will say, Marky Mark is looking superb. But if it’s about boxing, I will like it most likely. My Gpa used to box, he was even at a match with Mohammad Ali (sp?). Pretty legit. Golden Gloves I believe it was called. He was pretty much the shit back in his day. Unfortunately that family athletic gene stopped with him… Last boxing movie I saw was Million Dollar Baby. That was a fucked up movie.

Blogging makes me hungry.





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