Marching On

3 03 2011

1. It’s windy as shit out tonight

2. Day II of Insanity kicked my ass. Even my toes are sore. I had to walk around like an old lady today. Down the stairs one step at a time. I’m not joking here.

3. The protests are not going away…and it took me an extra 10 mins to get to my flat because of Bahraini flag wavers everywhere. They were coming out of the woodwork. I didn’t know there were even MORE vehicles in Bahrain that I saw on a typical day. They are going to shut off the internet tonight. We’ll still have it at work, but somehow the powers at be (King and Prince) believe shutting off the dubbya dubbya dubbya will restrict media leaks from getting out. I guess this Twitter thing is just getting out of hand.. The protests are not affecting me since I’m in my flat, but they do get in the way when I am going from said flat to base. Al Jazirah News likes to go off on their own tangents..

3b. I can’t talk to Mista B while he’s at work 😦 No internet at home means no communication with the world. Having opposite schedules blows.

4. I go on leave in 16 days. I deserve it. Trust me.

5. The B is still goin strong with his habit kick. I think I’ll surprise him with a Europe trip this month. (Refer to item 4) 🙂 He’s found something to tide him over..I’m sure it’s not easy. Surprisingly he hasn’t been irritable at all.


6. Watching Army Wives, Season 4 Disc 2. Good shit.

7. This new schedule we have sucks. About 55-60 hrs a week. On a good week. Fuck this.

8. I mean, who sends forwards still?? Please, stop. Sooo 1992.

9. Time for dinnah. Lettuce and my OG dressing. Thank you to a kind friend who’s name rhymes with “Shags”.




3 responses

3 03 2011

You post make me laugh!!

3 03 2011

1. That sucks, I hate wind. Unless it is really hot and makes it cooler.
2. That is kind of funny when you picture it. Don’t think I would survive.
3. That is crazy and it sucks. Not sure what I would do without Internet.
3b. Having opposite schedules does blow. Blows even more when you can’t communicate.
4. That is exciting! Have fun!
5. Way to go Mista B!
6. Love Army Wives!! Sad I have fallen behind on my seasons 😦
7. WOW!
8. It wasn’t me was it? I try to only forward “important” stuff. I take the RE: off so it looks like it came from me 🙂
9. You are welcome! Glad you are enjoying it! I know I wouldn’t.

3 03 2011

Nope, someone else from MO. =)

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