WTF Weds: Ed 009 Wacky Tobacky

2 03 2011


Mista B (sidenote, wordpress can you please formally recognize that “Mista” is indeed a legit word. Because I sad so. Now, go away tiny red underlining.) kicked his dipping habit this week. Of which I am excited about. Because:

1. It’s icky.

2. It’s cancerous.

3. Bottles of brown liquid breeding on my countertops.

4. It’s unattractive.

5. It leaves shit in your teeth (refer to reason 4).

Thankfully the B used the little pouches, so no dip in the teeth factor, but all the same. Ick. He actually quit dipping a few days ago because he read an article about a guy from his hometown losing his jaw. Pretty real shit. Especially when the story hits close to home. No one really likes a quitter, but in this case we’ll make an exception. I’m proud of him. No weaning off, he just quite cold turkey. I tried to get him some beef jerky stuff yesterday..and apparently go the wrong’s the thought, right? I mean I guess the thought doesn’t go so far when the person you are doing it for is in the corner with cold sweats rocking back and forth. Okay, he isn’t tweaking that bad, but you can tell the withdrawal sucks.

I quit smoking a while back. I smoked for a good three or four years and quit in 2007 right after my deployment to the 7th fleet on the USS ESSEX (endearingly called USS NO SEX). On a ship it’s easy to get addicted and plus you get breaks from work if you need to smoke. And what it boiled down to was that it was something to do, and there were people to converse with. Plus, all the gossiping happens at the smoke deck. We all know this. But when I returned from the three month deployment I was up to a pack a day, which is insane and terrible for you. They weren’t Marlboro Reds or anything, but stuffed with cancer nonetheless. I used a drug called Wellbutrin to wean off from them. It really worked. Even to this day, when I smell smoke, or someone is near me doing it I get a sick stomach. I guess that shit stays in your system..for years.. heh. No? There’s times that I miss it, like when I’ve been stuck in traffic for an hour, or I’m having a stressful day, but there are other ways to deal with stress that not only do not cause cancer, but they are more effective and free. Blogging is one of them actually. Keeps the fingers occupied so it doesn’t feel like you’re missing anything.

Anyway, so if you dip, smoke, chew, inhale any kind of tobacky products I suggest you quit. Not next week, not tomorrow. This second. Throw that shit out. Down the disposal. Put it somewhere that will never be in your life again. Get that extra log out of the freezer and chuck that one too. Keep some gum, a phone, and a computer near you at all times though. You’re going to be irritable as shit for the first couple weeks. Remember, you can always call someone and talk it out. Get encouragement. No one likes to admit that they have an addiction, or that they need help, but be a man (or woman) and ask for it. We are all grown ass people.

Now, this is the part where I post some nasty nasty pictures of guys who lost their jaw, people with hair growing on their tongues, people dieing from cancer. But, I would rather not flip through my blog and have to look at these disgusting things. If you are demented and want to check it out, feel free to google tobacco + dip or go on youtube to see some motivational speakers. It took just that to convince the Mista to curb his long long habit of the great tobacky. So. Here you are –>

In other news (this doesn’t belong in a WTF post…at all) Happy Birthday to my man LJ!! You’re two today! I wish I could be there, I miss you and your mumsley 🙂




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2 03 2011

We miss you too! Come home soon and see the new baby or baby in progress.

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