March Madness

1 03 2011

1. Happy March

2. Good day wordpressions. Let me take you through a few events of the last few days.

Work. Yesterday I received a coin from the Admiral himself! We had a couple of drug busts in the last two months totalling over $9M worth of narcotics. No big whup. He shook my hand and gave me a coin and congratulated the shop on our bust and diligence in tracking narcotics couriers. It felt really good to get recognized by the boss himself.

Technology. So as I was flipping through magazines yesterday like a sleazy “I’m too cheap to actually buy these mags” person….Oh yeah I actually flipped through about 12-15 magazines cause I had about 30 mins to waste before some mando training (YAY!) … So I pick up the Mac Life magazine which is like ten bucks btw. And they are doing a “50 best things about Mac” in this issue. On the front cover it mentions that the Macintosh company was created in 1984. Whiiiich also happens to be the year I was born…and a book by George Orwell… But I’m taking this momentous coincidence as a sign that perhaps I need a new laptop. I’ve been thinking about it for a bit. Mista B has a very nice, shiny MacPro 17 incher. It’s beautiful. I’m typin away on a 13″ MacBook from 2008….. Perhaps its time for an upgrade. I will give it some more thinking..and then decide. There are a few things that I need to get before I make the leap and get a new lappy. This one has not broken down and it has been very good to me actually. It’s been on quite a few travels with me and has been faithful. So why would I just kick it to the side? Well…it’s been acting a little funny lately. About 6 months ago the disc drive stopped acknowledging audio discs. As in, when you buy an album and then you want to download it onto your itunes so you have it on your ipod too. Yeah, so when I buy a physical cd, it will not copy it over. Which is annoying. I like having hard copy cds that will play in my car and that I can have a printed album booklet in hand BUT I also need some tunes on my ipod.. Makes for a difficult decision when a new album comes out. For instance, the Britney album comes out March 29th. Do I want a hard copy? Or do I want it on my ipod so I can jam to it when I’m working out. Ugh, well Brit Brit, I WILL be buying your physical album, because you’re Britney and all. Anywho, back to my original topic. I am in need of a new laptop. The end.

Fitness. So, yesterday I began the “Insanity” program. It’s for 60 days, and yesterday was just the fit test, 22 minutes or some shit. And I was EXHAUSTED. Pooped. For reals people, if you can get your hands on this thing, and have a couple or 20 pounds you could afford to lose, then check it out. I suggest you invest in this. It’s like $100 but if you are one of those people who hates going to the gym, can’t ever get out of the house, or whatever the situation is, it’s a great program. You can youtube it and see some of the workouts.

Time for Army Wives and lunch!




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