WTF Weds: Ed 008 Busted

24 02 2011

So. I have finally reached my breaking point.

In the past few weeks I have fallen off the deep end…with the whole gym thing. I used to be in a routine: 3-4 days a week = gym time. Religiously. I had a weights routine and a cardio routine and I got shiiiiit done. Aaaaand then I kind of stopped caring….you skip a day here, skip a day there, and then you just quit altogether.

And I started eating really unhealthily. Why? I don’t know…I just eat whats around me…and what is quick is not good for you. PLUS, the damn deli shut down and it’s now a Bagel Factory. Bagels? Not so good for you. Did you know that one bagel is worth FOUR servings of grains? FOUR SERVINGS. WTF is right. I’ve tried the new sammich place, but it’s just not the same, and it’s WAY expensive. I got a sandwich and soup the other day. Ten dollars. huh? Plus the soup was salty as fuck and I had heartburn for three days afterwards.

Also, I’ve been eating out more than normal….which I can also blame from being lazy. I don’t like cooking can’t ever find the right recipes. Plus when you’re at work for two meals it just adds to the madness.

Over the past couple weeks my pants have been getting a liiiiittle bit tighter. You know you have those skinny jeans, or those jeans you wear when you are down a couple pounds. Well those are not fitting. At all. AND the top button of my cami pants POPPED off! Literally. I was sitting at my desk at work. Stood up, and whuuuup dropppp there goes my button. W T F. If that isn’t a fucking wakeup call I don’t know what is.

Anywho, I’m starting to eat healthier again..less sweets and bad shit…more good healthy shit. I’ve just got such a damn sweet tooth! I have the next two days off, going to get back into the swing of things.
Has anyone tried the “Insanity” workout? Mista B tried it and lost THIRTY pounds. Sounds pretty intense. Problem is I”m taking two weeks of leave in March, and I intend to live it up while I’m free. =) I will have to incorporate some leafy greenies to counter-balance all the wienerschnitzels (chuckle chuckle).

I’m going to eat a grapefruit now. That’s one thing they do have here that is yummy.

Shift to my recent United States of Tara obsession.

Kate: “Wait, why does Mrs. Butterworth need to be black? Aunt Jamima too. That’s some fucked up racist pancake shit.”

Brother: “Mrs. Butterworth isn’t black. She’s just filled with syrup. Technically she’s clear.”

Kate: “Ah, she’s a clear-casian.”

Brother: “Do you think Aunt Jamima and Uncle Ben are married?”

Kate: “No, Aunt Jamima is married to Uncle Jamima”

I’m gonna go wake up Mista B now. Wish me luck, I hope I don’t get punched in the face!




One response

25 02 2011

You had a button pop off……..and you didn’t tell me this. Ha Ha. I’m sorry. I’ll bring my sewing kit home.

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