Okie Dokie

21 02 2011

Word of the day: deceived.

All my life. I have been living a lie.

(Sister, beware if you are reading further)

So, today I find out that my family history been sadly misrepresented, I thought my whole family originated in Missouri. Nope.

During a random Mom email, she casually mentions that she was born in Oklahoma…ahem..WHAT? We were originally talking about country music and Mista B’s origins….and then all of a sudden, she drops this bomb. I guess when Gpa Claude was in the Army, him and Gma Corky were living in OK at Fort Sill. Thus, the momala was birthed in Okie. And it cost a whopping $7. The better story here is that she was named after a monkey from a zoo. Pretty awesome.

I’m still a bit upset about …my ancestrial beginnings…I feel lost…and decieved….and sad…..

Or maybe it’s all a sign? Mista B from OK….Mom was born in OK…coincidence?




2 responses

22 02 2011

Um…How did you not know this?! You didn’t know about the monkey either?! Where have you been??? Oh, Bahrain…

22 02 2011

Nah, I knew about the monkey thing..

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