Just a typical Saturday

19 02 2011

US Embassy has declared Americans are not allowed to leave their flats here in the Kingdom. The riots are getting bad I guess…nothing affecting Americans, the base, or the Navy but there sure is some fluttering on FB and youtube about it. Luckily I do not live close enough to the Grand Mosque or the Diplomat to see/hear any of the riots. We are generally safe, and so are the dependants out here. No use to worry yet, but we were instructed to have a “fly away” bag in case shit gets bananas. And when I say bananas I mean life-threatening, bullets flying, and blood spillage.

On a lighter note, I’m watching the Golden Globes ….a few months late. Carson Daly is one of the interviewers…hasn’t he been around for like, 20 years? He’s looking quite slim and dapper actually. This show is a bit drab really. I have seen some of the shows and movies they speak of….Black Swan, Alice in Wonderland, Modern Family, Glee and such but some of the othern’s I had never even heard of. Either I need to broaden my horizon or these are just some shitty shows. There is a new show on HBO that I would like to check out. Something Boardwalk. It has Steve Bushchemi (sp??) in it. What movies has he actually had a leading role in anyway? The only movie I can think of him being in is Armageddon…but he is a good actor, so I’ll have to catch up on it when I get back to America. The Golden Globes is kinda boring…there aren’t any performances or anything like the VMAs. Man, was THAT entertaining. The only mildly humorous thing was Ricky Gervais being the host and Eva Longoria almost tripping.

Got our travel documents in the mail yesterday. Printed and read! Thank you very much. Who knew traveling was such a big deal. I mean, 20 pages of reading? I’ve never spent so much time reading about an expedition. I think they try to over prepare and advise for those who have never stepped outside of their small midwestern towns. Ah well, better to over prepare than under prepare…

Mista B has awoken from his slumber. We are watching The Tourist, which I heard got terrible reviews. I’m very happy I did not spend monies on this to see it on the big screen. Very hard to believe that Johnny Depp is an unknowing innocent 5th grade teacher named Frank. Very hard to get behind. It’s a bit slow moving…and not really much of a storyline.

Speaking of Frank. We’re going to order some Franks a Lot now.

HAGO world!




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