WTF Weds: Ed 007 KOB hater

16 02 2011

I suppose this week I should write about some secret squirrel spy shit seeing as it’s entry numbah 007…buuuuut I’m going to be honest with you. I have seen maybe ONE James Bond movie. And it may or may not have been on a plane, so clearly I was not at my most vigilant moment. Though I do like a good spy move every now and again. Like Breach or Salt.

As I wait on my RO*TEL to simmer in the crock pot, I will share some things that I dislike about the Kingdom of Bahrain. Or as I like to call it. KOB-town.

These are in no order…I loathe them all equally.


Ninjas (by way of robe clad women)

Idiot drivers from 1. Bahrain 2. Saudi Arabia 3. Kuwait

Yelling screaming children at the mall. No parents in sight


140 degree weather

Fast food by way of delivery bike (this leads to noooo goooodddd)

No Chipotle, nowhere even close

MTVArabia…it’s just not the same…





road construction

site blocks on the internet


arabs praying at said mosques at 4am 6am 8am 9am 11am 3pm 4pm 5pm ……………and on and on and on

insurance stickers

Bahrain Dinar ($3 USD = $1 BD)

Well, that was a lot of complaining, but over 25 months in the middle east, you’ll have that.

And, as karma for spitting this mad hate at the ol KOB-town: Bloodlovehopeluststeam finishes crock-potting the RO*TEL queso. As she dipped several chips into the pot and consumed deliciousness, she hit her head on the lamp hanging in the eat-in-kitchen. Seriously, who puts a lamp 4′ from the floor!




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