choc coke..O MY!

12 02 2011

Alright, chaps it’s 85 days and counting until I’m back in the ol U S of A.

I know, you can barely contain your excitement; Me NEITHER.

So, first on my docket is my love, Chipotle. Sex. In. A. Burrito. Nuff said about that. 1600 calories in one sitting, you say? BRING IT ON.

Secondly, Sonic for my cheese curds and diet chocolate coke. mmmm my mouth is watering already.

My poor sister, I made her go to just about every restaurant in town when I was home on leave last time. My top three would be Chipotle, Sonic, and Olive Garden. Thankfully, one of my close friends, Miss M sent me FOUR bottles of OG house dressing for Xmas. Aaaand I’m making my way through the lot. Savoring every last drop of that nectar from the Gods.

What brought this discussion on you say? Well, one of my friends just asked me if I knew if the McDelivery guys took american dolla. Guess what, when you are in the America of the free, home of the don’t even need to pass that thought through your mind. They will take anything that is american and green. And happily.  Every single state, same currency, it makes so much sense… Route 44 Chocolate coke? 99 cents (cause I have a coupon for doing a one minute phone survey), Olive Garden salad? $3.29, Chipotle pollo burrito, hold the sour cream, extra salsa, bag of chips, two mild salsas please? $9.78.

Aaaammmerrrriiicaaaaaa. I have in mind what I’ll be spending my tax refund on!

…wait…we don’t pay taxes while we are overseas…

 (As a sidenote I have just figured out a little button on these draft pages that lets you open up the typing box bigger than one inch at a time. Kids. Knowledge is power and with my eyesight, I’ll take all I an get.)




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12 02 2011

Mmmm… Route 44 Cherry Limeade. 460 calories in a cup of tangy sweetness. And don’t forget happy hour 2-4 makes that beast $1.03 (with tax)!

12 02 2011


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