Black Swan

8 02 2011

Watching the Black Swan. It’s not what I thought it would be, but it does have Mila Kunis in it, and she’s pretty cool. Natalie Portman is the lead, who I have never really taken a fancy to. I guess she was good in Star Wars….? Never seen it.

I”m about halfway through and it has gotten increasingly creepy. Winona Rider just started stabbing herself in the face with an envelope opener… And then her face turned into the face of Natalie Portman. She’s loooooosin it.

What the fuck. Now she’s turning into a bird….her legs just broke backwards…ugh Beware, if you are watching this movie it is creepy as fuck.

Anyway….yesterday we went to the Bahrain Fort. It was…aight. We parked in the middle of some black flag neighborhood and trekked up to the ol thing. If you park at the legit museum, you can get one of those headphone tours.. Where you push the little number and they tall you about each part of it. I think next time..if there is one…we’ll do that. I mean, it was cool to walk around, but it was just like any old ruins place ya know? I did get a little sunburn on my face..we were only there for 45 mins…guess we’re just that much closer to the sun, eh? I’m ready to get my tan back, don’t get me wrong. But in the Americas kind of a beach…with ocean.

After the fort we went to see “The Dilemma”, with Vince Vaughn and the guy from the Mall Cop movie. It was pretty funny. I haven’t seen a really drop dead awesome movie in a while. We actually went there to see “Sanctum” (yeah, the movie I said I did not want to see because it looks creepy) but it was in 3D. WTF why are movies always in 3D now?? I was forced to see “Tangled” in 3D the other day. Against my will, but what was I to do, it was only showing in 3D. At least in America we have the choice to see it regular. Maybe it just gets on my nerves because I have to wear my normal glasses underneath and it’s just hard to wear the awesome looking 3Ders.




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