itouch witches

4 02 2011

Is it just me or has the i(place object name in here) taken over the world? I mean, Apple has always been around, and I have been a faithful follower (what some like to call an Apple-whore) don’t get me wrong, but I have noticed recently that they are producing new/updated products left and right. Iphone here Ipod there, Itouch…ipad… It’s like Mac overload. Well, if it was possible to overload on Mac that is. I have been a dedicated customer since my early ages, thanks to the mommala getting addicted first. Like mother like son…wait… Like mother like daughter. The apple doesn’t fall from the tree. Hah, get it?

Okay, anyway yesterday I made an effort to become one with my new itouch. I downloaded apps left and right like a crazy woman. I don’t even know what half of them are. Vampire games, a tap-tap thingie like Guitar Hero, moving blocks, bejeweled (shit, I KNOW what this is), the weather channel, I mean the options are limitless. And these are just the free ones. There’s a whole other world out there should you choose to forgo your individual rooms….Oops, been watching The Bachelor lately…… Should you stumble upon the apps that you have to pay for, there’s even more. I can see how this shit can get addicting and how one could be sucked into their phone/ipod for hours upon hours. 

I hooked up my Nike Fit  and it is all prepared for me to actually get my ass into shape. I guess the lady talks from your shoe (well, wirelessly into your ipod) and she gives you times/distance. And when you kick into high gear your “power song” comes along. There’s also an app where you can basically GPS your runs, so when you get home you can see exactly where you ran on google earth. And  you can challenge other users or friends online. Pretty cool.

I’m a little behind the times of technology, this shit’s been out for a while..

See for yourself, it’s exquisite


Went to see a movie yesterday, “Season of the Witch”. I don’t think I read the plot summary in its entirety, but it ended up being about witches..and the black plague. It was quite gruesome and I had to cover my eyes for part of it. I can’t handle that shit before–or after– I down an entire tub of popcorn. Sweet popcorn laden in caramel. Yes, it was delicious. America really needs to hitch their wagon to the movie-ways of Bahrain.

So, Nicolas Cage is the main character. I know a lot of people don’t like him, but I happen to like him a lot, and his movies. However there have been some duds.. For instance, the move “Next”. Yeah, that movie is terrible. I had to cover my eyes for that one too, just so I could make myself go to sleep. This witch movie was about the bubonic plague and the Holy Crusades. Nic and the guy from Sons of Anarchy were knights and they deserted the army because they didn’t want to keep killing innocent people…guilty conscience of a warrior I suppose. They get forced into taking this witch from one village to another, a 6 day trek. The witch kills a couple of them of course, and she tries to play mind tricks on them…I guess I should stop here since I don’t want to spoil the movie. But they are trying to get to a monastery where the monks will cure her. She’s accused of being the cause of the plague, and they need to cure her to get rid of it. These monks have the only remaining book with the powers to un-demon her.

It was a decent movie, if you can get past the whole plague-gore. It was pretty nasty, thank GOD that shit isn’t still around. I decided the other day that any disease I might have already had, or was going to get in my future was wiped out by my small pox vaccination. Man that was nasty. If you’ve had know juuuust what I mean.. Potent potables.




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