Russian Bar Act

3 02 2011

I am watching a strange little show right now. It’s a Circus documentary on some public channel. The Mumsley taped it for me. She said it was a very good show, and she’s riiight. Some of these guys have been doing Circus stuff for 9 generations. Well, their relatives were…

The uniform designer is quite a character. He’s this short shit, middle aged with dark hair, a full head of hair, mind you. He’s got one of those wirey twisted mustache. Except for the middle of it (the Hitler area) is shaved. So it’s a backwards Hitler, you could say. But the ends are long and twisted around. Unique…we will say.

There’s this creepy guy who is the director of this circus, the Big Apple Circus. I mean I don’t know if he is like…molest children-creepy level, but he has very high energy and borderlines the obnoxious. The circus owners have temporary directors who come in and out to bring a fresh face/perspective to it all. But this particular one is about 60 years old, and he’s rather flamboyant, but is incidentally married to a woman. Figure that one out. Anyhow, when he introduces himself to the Circus cast, he says “Risk more than others think is safe, care more than others think is wise, dream more than others think is practical, expect more than others think is possible.” Pretty good there little buddy, I like that.

The Big Apple Circus’s closing act is a Russian Bar Act. Which sounds…mehhhhhh with a shrug of shoulders. But man, when you see this shit you’ll be mesmerized, jaw dropped, and drooling like a … know. They play the nutcracker music, and this lady flips around like she’s on a trapeze, but it’s this balance beam that’s flimsy, like a board but more stiff and it moves, sitting on two guys’ shoulders, as the lady simultaneously flips into the air and does some crazy shit. Of course in an amazing costume and all…Love it.

All this circus talk makes me crave popcorn.

You know, come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve been to an actual, real circus in my life. I mean, I remember when I was a kid, we’d go to the fair and ride ponies and there may or may not have been clowns there, but no legit CIRCUS. I guess if you’re from the city or city area, it’d be easy to hit up the ol circus camp, but frum mah parrrrts, not so much.  This thing has like 20 acts. I mean, talk about getting your money’s worth. I wanna go to the CIRCUS!!! There’s trapeze, ballerinas, clowns, guys with juggling pins, dancing ladies, dog shows, gymnastic ladies ON horses, ugh. I mean, it’s the circus, anything can happen.

Do you think they have the circus in Bahrain?




2 responses

3 02 2011

You know, we technically have circus folk in our lineage, seeeester. Complete with some kid on the rings.

3 02 2011

lol that’s right we would be fourth generation…but if it skips two generations i guess we’d only be second generation. sis, you have any interest in starting a family act?

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