1 02 2011

Whew! I had no energy or time to share with you my last few days, so I’ll give you the down-low on my little golf outing. This past weekend I had the pleasure of acting as a Marshal at the European Volvo Champions Tour in Bahrain. Can I first get the following out of the way:

1. Rich famous golfers stuck up. Their wives and servants are quite nice.

2. The Royal Bahrain Golf Course is the most difficult course I’ve stepped foot on. It looks harder than the course Tiger is building over there in S.C. Hills, gorges, out-of-sight holes..

3. Bahrain weather is unpredictable. Rain for three days, humid as shit, sunny, then rain. Worse than MO. I would not want to be a weather-guesser here that’s fo sho fo sho.

Thursday I was part of the attaché for Nilsson (left), Hansen, and Cabrera-Bello. Nilsson was kind of cute, but the other two  For some reason in my head I imagine professional golfers being amazingly handsome, kind, and chivalrous. Not the case.. Soooo being as it was my first time visiting a golf tournament with big names in it. Well, relatively big names….I don’t think any of them were very good. I donno, I feel like they could have done better. Some of them even hit the balls clear off the course into the oil….

The round kicked off at 1130 and I would say that the entire time there were about ohhhhhh 4 onlookers? So this made our job very easy. I had the part of not crowd control, but to run ahead to the middle of the hole and scout out each hit. These guys could drive very far actually, but a couple of them could have been more accurate. I’m a tough critic.

Let me get one thing straight, you know how golf on TV is boring as shit? Well, golf in person is even more boring. I mean, I guess if they were more attractive or conversative (I just made it up, what? Palin can make her own words…so can I) it would be okay.. however these guys were incredibly stuck up and all about their game…likely they should be. I mean, the prize for this little tourney was 1.5 million euros which is a little over 2 million USD. Hot damn that’s a lot of money!

Day II, Friday I was hitched with Manassero, Garcia, and Quiros. Now, Manassero is this 17 yr old breakout from Italy. He’s probably on a leave from high school just to attend this European tour. Crazy shit. He won the last tourney he played in and won 3.3 million dollaz. They were a bit better than our Friday golfers. We needed several marshals to keep this crowd under control, and we even had to call for back-up towards the back 9. =) Now, this Quiros guy could drive the shit outa that golf ball. He was hitting several yards past his co-players on every hole. Plus, considering it was overcasty and windy as shit. I was a tad impressed. Not sure how the final scores shook out…but it was a good experience.

The course itself was quite a beast. It was basically built in a ravine-laden deserted area….well in the desert actually. ‘Tis the middle east after all. Some of the holes twisted around like an elbow and you couldn’t even see where you were whacking the ball. But they are professionals and most of them do this for a living, so I suppose they should be used to it.

Check THIS out, the food was crazy expensive. A hamburger was NINE dollars, USD. NINE fucking dollars. And let me tell you, they were not uber delicious as you would hope after spending the good part of your salary on a meal. Thankfully we did get food it wasn’t literally my monies, but it was still painful to hand it over. I made use of my vouchers and bough several choco muffins and a burger down on my way to the bus. Muffins…hah like you could actually categorize them as muffins. Right.

There’s a Volunteer’s BBQ on the 5th. Should be fun to see everyone. There were nearly 200 marshals alone, I can’t imagine how many peeps’ll be there for the BBQ. I saw a few people from base there, but we were spread across four days. They are giving away door prizes…which will be fun! I can’t wait to see what they have. It is Volvo, after all. Everyone likes some free goodies here and there =) However, comma, I am prepared to come home empty handed. I have come to terms with the fact that i am the unluckiest of the unlucky. Good thing I have an understanding bf. =) He has to love me either way.




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