To whom it may concern: I am in love

26 01 2011

The world-wide-web is a dangerous place. (Or the dubbya-dubbya-dubbya as my older, wiser counterparts refer to it). Three short clicks.…. handbags….all. There you go, window shopping at the click of a mouse.

These shits would make my Coach put its straps in between its legs and cry in a dark dark cold and lonely place. Coachies, Dooneys, Guesses, & Nines, I still love you. But a girl’s got dreams. My mom always told me to reach for the sky.

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I’m planning on winning the lottery in the near future, you see. And one of these beauts will be mine. Mark my words. This is a matter of LIFE and DEATH, people.

I can feel the soft leather, and smell the new-bag smell from here. Heart beating faster, and faster. Mmm the love of purses. I don’t thing there’s a woman on this earth who would respond “No, I would NOT like that Marc Jacobs bag!”. Never. Not even possible.

If I don’t have one of these in my life soon. I might just die. Calm down. It’s way healthier that other habits, plus it doesn’t smell bad. (Pre-treated leather…different story)

Now, onto a more realistic world. All things considered, I am willing to wait for one of these fabulous handbags until I accomplish the following:

1. Own a home

2. Have a family

3. Retire

4. Cure cancer

Just a minor list of “to-do’s”. But, after I get those out of the way, Dillard’s, you better be ready for me. Navy Fed, you too.




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