Well. That was dramatic.

25 01 2011


Talk about dirty laundry. Well, now that you know a little more…a lot more.. than you ever wanted to know about me. I can be a little indulgent at times, thanks for bearing with me. Back to sanity.

Couple of movies I forgot to tip my hat to:

Princess Bride


The Blind Side

Okay, that’s all for now. But apparently the main-man hasn’t see NINE of my must-see movies. WTF I know what we’re doing this weekend!

Onto other news. This weekend is the European Volvo Champion Tournament here in Bahrain. @ The Royal Golf Club. Sounds prrretty legit. I’m excited to see it. I have no idea who the players are, nor do I know jack about golfing. I mean, I’ve been to a course or ten, I’ve played…but never had my own clubs, or the motivation to take lessons or practice. It’s more of a man thing. To be in peace with your sport and time to think..competition. I donno. My ex was suuuper into it. And because of that we stayed at The Cliffs in SC last summer. Tiger Woods’ place where his course is being built. Well, there’s several communities out there already with about seven courses. This joint is serious. To even golf there you have to be a member of “The Cliffs”. And to be a member, you need to own a piece of land there, AND on top of that, membership fees are $75,000. With this economy, who is investing in this I don’t know. I guess the whole “shit economy” doesn’t hit the rich and famous like it does the rest of us. What’s a few thousand here and there… What’s a few 75 thousand here and there. Well, for this kid, that’s a shit ton of monies. ANYWAY, the courses were ay-may-zing, and very difficult. So for rooks like me, prob not the best place to learn how to play. But I will tell you this, I most certainly had the cutest golf outfit there. Matching shoes and hat too. A woman’s gotta look her best.

SO for the tourney this weekend, I will not only be an onlooker, but I’ll be a Marshall. Yes, it needs to be capitalized. I’m important goddamnit! I even get an official “SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUT THE F UP” sign. Well, it says “Quiet Please”, but the STFU is implied, and if you are frantically waving it with a sourpuss face, I think they’ll get the drift. Ah, hopefully I won’t need the sign. I intend to follow the crowd that has smiles, and no functioning voice boxes. I should have told them I had a bum leg, then I coulda been a driver, instead of a Marshall (aka keeping the onlookers in check-er). But alas, that would be lying. I just hope it doesn’t rain, doesn’t get too humid/warm out, and that I don’t have to stand for more than 6 hrs. I think a round can be completed in under 6 no matter who you are. And if I have to fight a rowder onlooker and I happen to get a battle wound/black eye, that would be cool. It would make for an awesome story. And it would be a good conversation starter.

We had a briefing for this event last night, i guess there’s 178 Marshalls. I have insider information, since I AM one. Haha. This event will allegedly be in 6 billion households. Maybe it was million..who knows. If I get to be on tv, bad azzz. I told my mom to tune in and look for a chick with blond hair, a white polo, khakis, and cute new nike free-run shoes on. Haha, I think that’s specific enough to spot me out. =)

So long. Farewell.




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