Must-see movies

22 01 2011

This is my list of movies you have to see before you die as soon as possible:


What About Bob?

The Money Pit



Fight Club



It’s a Wonderful Life

American History X

A League of Their Own


Dirty Dancing

Dazed and Confused

Milk Money

Pretty in Pink   &    Sixteen Candles

Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken


The Little Mermaid

The Last Unicorn

The Green Mile

Dragon Heart


Harry Potter. All of them.

The Italian Job

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Fivel Goes West

Monsters INC

Runaway Jury


Despicable Me

Pineapple Express

Stand by Me

Pelican Brief

Officer and a Gentleman

The Fugitive

Um, there are several more, but I’m afraid I am a victim of short-term-memory, Mista B likes to call it “selective” memory.

In any case, the above peliculas are the stories that belong near and dear to my heart. Clearly everyone has their own taste in movies, but these I am partial to because during my life, at one time or another they have all touched me in different ways, helped me to grow, helped me through rough times, reminded me that life has so much to hold for me, and that things can always be a lot worse. And, some of them have absolutely nothing to do with my life, but they are just an escape and a reminder of the crazy shit out there. This is dedicated to my seester, the biggest movie nut I have ever met.




3 responses

23 01 2011

Funny, cause my list would be the EXACT same! So would Mag Wag’s. 🙂

25 01 2011

Haven’t watched a couple of them but I do like most of them. Your list made me smile 🙂 I don’t see Multiplicity or Princess Bride on there. . .

25 01 2011

Oh deer. adding them now.

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